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Could Homefront really happen?

Examiner - "Homefront takes place in a United States that has been invaded and conquered by North Korea. Many gamers have expressed concerns that such a plot is simply too unbelievable to be enjoyed. I spoke with a History professor who has a background in Asian Studies to try to determine whether this could ever really happen." (Homefront, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

AKA  +   1374d ago
yes it could but its not the way they make it seem.

people study and wach malcolm x( ignore the mentality they had back there in were all the hate was toward the black), in youtube wach ''all power to the people ''

wach the yippies

you will see how the nwo has stop and or kill all those who have try changing the system.

wake up, sheeps and start waking up you families and friends..
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1374d ago
You need to go back to sleep and reboot your understanding of the projection of power globally. North Korea is no threat to anyone but themselves. They don't even have one single aircraft carrier. How are they going to get their forces to the U.S.?
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Letros  +   1374d ago
Kim Jong-il? Is that you?
creeping judas  +   1374d ago
Of course, it already happened and they made an amazing bio-pic about it called "red dawn"!!

Commodore  +   1374d ago
Dude....It's f*cking Korea. No way in hell that would ever happen. The redneck population of America could handle them.

They day we get invaded by N. Korea is the day me shit turns purple and smells like Rainbow Sherbet
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Mista T  +   1374d ago
lol, your right. But if they still can't do it, I fear the draft may be done once again.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1374d ago
Won't need a draft. You are automatically drafted when the enemy is at your front door. Ask the Vietnamese did they need a draft in 1955-1975.
whydoyouask  +   1374d ago
Of course not. we have over 300 million citizens in the country, the don't have an army that can hold a population that big in check.

Plus, how would they get here? Our military force's main asset it the fact that we can get our entire military to a certain location extremely quickly. No one else has that capabilities, especially not fuckin' North Korea.
LMS  +   1374d ago
we have enough guns here for every man, woman, child, squirrel, lampost and baby duck in this country.

Bring it mo-fo's!!

You guys need few if the time comes, hit me up ;)

now if they teamed up with china, which is kinda happening already, a nuked the shit out of us first well...we might be fu@ked.

Luckily we got people who are very very smart already in all those countries watching those crazy bastards and we would DETONATE their asses before some shit like that ever went down.
Tapioca Cold  +   1374d ago
It's a sad day when people are actually talking about this. I happen to live in Korea and have already written a letter to the makers of this game. It is a stupid and embarrassing concept.

South Korea has been through enough in the last 9 months. A lot of families are caught on the other side of the border, and now this jackass company has them invading the US. And morons on here are saying things like "Bring it mo-fo's".

Why doesn't America make a game where they invade other countries and torture and kill innocent people?

Yeah, you guys got guns, but did you ever think of this:

Most of you are too fat and lazy to run down your driveways. You're all also too sensitive for being raised by Barney the Dinosaur and getting everything your way.

It's a lot different out here beyond your borders. You know, people actually get along and don't know who Brittany Spears is.
I love it. Speaking of "lovin' it" It's nice to loive in a country where McDonald's ends up going out of business most of the time.

This game should be canceled. My Korean friends surely don't want to play it.
chak_  +   1373d ago
While I don't want the flame to run in this thread, I somehow agree with you (to an extend).

We're talking about REAL WAR here, not some "hey I got a gun look at me" american cinema style.

WAR, not video games.

No-one wants that except big corporations for ressources interest.

USA is indeed way too strong for a sea landing from NK, though they're also way too much self-confident, which is their weakpoint.

Something that big would never happen for obvious reasons, but as it already happened US were already attacked indirectly with determination.

Please just stop acting like rambo "Bring it mo-fo's", you would shit in your pant if an armed force invaded your city
JonahFalcon  +   1372d ago
John Milius had some sticky handkerchiefs while writing THIS story.

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