Second hand market scrutinised in Gamestation acquisition

Concerns raised over possible monopoly of pre-owned games on High Street.

The Competition Commission has published an initial statement of issues with GAME's acquisition of rival retailer Gamestation.

Although the Competition Commission has yet to reach any conclusions, the statement reveals that the market for second hand or 'pre-owned' games on the High Street is just one of many areas that will come under scrutiny.

Apart from independently owned High Street stores, GAME and Gamestation are the two main retailers in the UK that offer the buying and selling of second hand games and hardware.

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ben8063927d ago

the only two places in my city to sell second hand games now they are merged they could give me next to nothing for trade-ins and i would have nowhere else to go.

Dark_Overlord3927d ago

I hate the idea of this, where I live Gamestation always undercuts Game on prices, with this aquisition Game will just put all the prices at the RRP which means we have to pay stupid prices for the games.

Think I'll just use Amazon and for my games

Shankle3926d ago

It is a sad day for all gamers across the UK