Dead Space Previewed gives you a first hand look at Electronic Arts next big creation.

What do you get when a small group of game developers who love watching every kind of horror and Sci-Fi movie out there team up with one of the largest game developers in the world? Dead Space. From Electronic Arts, comes a new kind of horror that breaks the safety zone of EA's normal Licensed games like Madden or 007. Let's give you the outcome, then we're going to Tarantino it, and take you to the beginning. Journey with us into the minds of Glen Schofield and Bret Robbins.

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Devr3687d ago

This game sounds totally freaking awesome. I'm hyped!

steriotyp3687d ago

This game sounds so sweet. I can't wait to see a demo or at least game footage.

Bazookajoe_833687d ago

To bad it´s Ea =( But let´s hope they put some effort into this one =)

snoopgg3687d ago

Won't buy another one of their games until they learn how to make good games again.

steriotyp3687d ago

that is a real strong statement. They have failed to impress on the PS3, but they still have created some of the greatest games ever. Everyone makes mistakes, I can't wait to see what they do with this one.

CamelBoy3686d ago

damn, site's dead, anybody got the text saved?

steriotyp3686d ago

We had an unusually high volume of hits the last 3 days, and poof, over limit again. Have it fixed in a jiffy