Top 5 Reasons Why the Nintendo 3DS Will Dominate the PSP2

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the two new handhelds, the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PSP2. But which one is better?
In this article you’ll find out why the Nintendo handheld is going to completely dominate the Sony PSP2!

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Kamikaze1352737d ago

Because the PSP2 was never officially announced
Because this website is desperate for hits
Because we know nothing official of the PSP2
Because this website is pure speculation
Because I'm not wasting my time clicking on the link

Dark_Charizard2737d ago

1. It does 3D without glasses
2. It has a head start of at least 6-12 months
3. Stellar 1st party lineup
4. Stellar 3rd party lineup
5. Nintendo created the handheld video game console (Gameboy), and dominated any competition ever since. I don't see it being an different this time.

Kamikaze1352737d ago

Look, I have absolutely nothing against the 3DS...I'm VERY excited about it myself. However, we know nothing about the PSP2 and for all we know, it's getting a better lineup. I think it's silly comparing something we know a lot about and something we know little to nothing about.

1. A lot of people don't care for 3D. Especially my since it hurts my eyes. I won't be playing with the 3D on with my 3DS when I get it.

2. That's a given, but means nothing.

3. A few ports and a small handful of announced titles isn't stellar. Also, Sony has MUCH more 1st party studios than Nintendo does. We'll have to wait and see though. Some of the 1st party titles for the 3DS do seem amazing though.

4. True, but what's to say the PSP2 won't have an even better lineup? Especially since it's Sony and Microsoft getting the best 3rd party support in terms of stellar 3rd party games. Same goes for last gen.

5. If you fail to see a difference between this and other generations, then it's safe to assume Sony will have better 3rd party support, unlike what you mentioned before. Also, it may dominate in terms of sales, but in terms of quality, I'm almost positive the PSP2 will dominate.

Dark_Charizard2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

"A few ports and a small handful of announced titles isn't stellar. Also, Sony has MUCH more 1st party studios than Nintendo does"

Man.. It gets really boring reading fanboy replies after a while. Do you feel that your life is accomplished now when you argument against 12 year olds how much you love and hate something? By looking at your comment history I can see that the only thing you can do with life is to do that. What kind of sadistic f*ck are you? People are going to play what they want to play and what they find to be entertaining. Saying how much you love something doesn't matter. no one cares. And if the playstation is so good why are you not playing it instead of this bulls*it?

Kamikaze1352737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

A fanboy? sadistic? Why are you calling me names for now? lmao.I see I've struck a cord. So I state an opinion and I'm a fanboy now? How was I supposed to know you were 12? well, I guess it makes sense since your arguments make no sense. Also, everything I stated was a fact. Carry on

TreMillz2737d ago

You just contradicted yourself. What makes you think "the People" wouldnt want to play PSP 2 titles or favor PSP 2 capabilities? What if thats what they want and find entertaining? Yet you agreeing that 3DS will dominate based of its 1st and 3rd party support? Whose to say PSP 2 will have a weaker support. And 3D without glasses on a 4in screen is not big of a deal, though it is slightly impressive. The same way Nintendo wowed the audience with the specs and titles is more than likely the same way Sony will do.

deadreckoning6662737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

"You just contradicted yourself. What makes you think "the People" wouldnt want to play PSP 2 titles or favor PSP 2 capabilities?"

Well done. The PSP2 will debut next week and for all we know it may provide something revolutionary at an attractive price point. Anything can happen. I doubt Sony will go head on with the 3DS without having an ace up their sleeve.

RockmanII72737d ago


I think these two sites are (or should be) related

Keith Olbermann2737d ago

I dont care if it does dominate psp2. I will still buy and play psp2. Sony always comes out with the beast of the systems and thats the one for me. Nintendo is a bit too kiddy for me. Sorry N fans..its true.

Arnon2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

"A few ports and a small handful of announced titles isn't stellar. Also, Sony has MUCH more 1st party studios than Nintendo does."

Super Mario 64 DS sold 6.12 million copies as of March 2008. That was 3 years ago. Just imagine the explosion of 3DS sales when The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D comes out...

Personally, I feel Nintendo is in a league of their own when it comes to handhelds. This is coming from someone who's jaw dropped when he heard how powerful the PSP 2 would be. In a realistic view, I believe the 3DS could dominate any handheld with ONLY ports.

OpenGL2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

@ Dark_Charizard

Actually, the first handheld with switchable cartridges was the Milton Bradley Microvision, released in 1979, 10 years before the original Gameboy.

Still, you're right; the 3DS will most likely outsell the PSP2. Sony can still do a lot better than they did this gen though in regards to profitability as long as piracy doesn't become an issue early into the system's life.

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rrw2737d ago

i check the link and you are right.

i prefer to buy psp2 instead of 3ds. basically 3ds its simply upgraded ds. i wont bother to use its 3d since its to small and not fit to portable device (you need to keep it still).

consider psp2 have huge graphic leap and have more multimedia service. it's more useful than 3ds

i actually think that sony can defeat nintendo this time if they get price, battery and support right

SoSLy2737d ago

"basically 3ds its simply upgraded ds"

how is it again an upgraded DS? It does much more the the previous DS from what I heard

blackburn52737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Exactly Kamikaze135 . 3DS wins before we see what the PSP2 can do or what it's games look like. Just imagine of it is true that it is close to as powerful as the PS3 with the 3DS looking like PS2 [email protected] Dark_Charizard. Yeah, we all know keeping your head straight and staring straight ahead to get a 3D effect is loads of fun. Can't wait.

KotC2737d ago

Because it's a Nintendo handheld and Nintendo been doing it for 22 years.

pain777pas2736d ago

I don't know anymore. I think I'll be getting both. I don't like the region lock for games. The launch lineup is still in question. I read the write on the PSP2 from a website that is usually not pro Sony and what they described is up my alley. I am excited for the 3ds because I have seen some genius in even the basic camera applications. I just know that Sony will do the same and have some serious horsepower. Someof the devs for the 3DS just straight ported PSP games to the system. I don't know how I feel about that. FF7 CC is a game that I've been playing recently and must admit that it looks very good. So the 3DS will certainly have better graphics than the PSP no doubt so I really need to see the PSP2s games in action and the hardware itself. I know that if it is a portable DS3 with sixaxis, back touch panel, and hires screen that is supposedly superior to Apples I have to wait and see. It looks like it will not be long either.

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browngamer42737d ago

Nintendo IS going to dominate they do everybody else in the handheld department..And so far the only thing i've heard about the psp2-makes it sound like IT'S just an upgraded psp..Nintendo is innovating once again and sony is just about horsepower(which this time so is the 3ds!)-sony will never learn hence once again they will get their arses handed to them!

Kamikaze1352737d ago

It definitely is, that's a given.

pedrami912737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

1. "Many people don’t realize it, but this feature could be the beginning of a new era of Social Gaming."

A good feature indeed, but we dont know what features the PSP2 might have, PS3-game-tranfer-to-PSP2-playi n'-on-the-crapper feature, DS3 replacement, a better online experience. Heck, dual analog sticks is a good enough feature for me.

2. "massive library of extraordinary games"

You mean the 5500+ titles where 3/4 are really simple-to-make games ?
Where as the PSP has way fewer titles but more in quality ? I dont think it'll be the same for the 3DS though, seeing as it will have a higher dev cost to make games.

3. "A pioneering glass-less 3D capable machine with a great launch game lineup and many innovative features like StreetPass and the 3D camera for 249,99$? Hell yes!"

The price sure is nice, but it wont be the same for everywhere else.
Hell, im pretty sure the price over here in Sweden will be upwards 300$+ making it 2000-2300 kr (krona), you could buy an effing PS3 or 360 for that kind of dosh.

4. "the 3D effect provides such an inmersive gaming experience and opens up so many possibilities that it will almost surely be a great success."

3D is nice too, but if what the recent devs said is true, not all games released for it will have 3D, Nintendo wont force em'.
It'll become a PSP/DS hybrid.

5."Nobody can deny that the Nintendo 3DS game library is astounding."

Id be lying if i said im not jealous for them getting MML3, but that also opens the option for multiplatform between PSP2 and 3DS for the devs, why not make both exclusives and multi games between PSP2 and 3DS ? IMO both would benefit from.

Moerdigan2737d ago

articles like this make it look really easy to be a game journalist.

PS3pwnsyou2737d ago

I'm actually a regular guy trying to make an interesting website, but thanks for the compliment :P

Moerdigan2737d ago

I don't mean to be too rough. I just imagine everyone has been convinced already of 3DS supremacy at this point.

I'd recommend an article on how PSP2 can even compete, but then there's not much info on PSP2.

Neo Nugget2737d ago

It was only a matter of time before an article like this popped up here....

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