Dave Perry gives his perspective on his new MMO, as well as Sony's PSP strategy

Following his retrospective at the Austin Game Developer's Conference, Dave Perry spoke exclusively to In part one of the interview, the founder of Shiny Entertainment offers thoughts on his new Top Secret MMO project, user-generated content, and why Sony should introduce the PSP 3.0.

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Vojkan3931d ago

This guy is full of Sh!T! He criticize UMD but no comment about Nintendo and DS. That is BS!

gEnKiE3931d ago

This guys needs to stop talking......hes getting annoying

AwRy1083931d ago

So, seeing as Perry's most "recent" videogame was the huge failure "Wild 9" on PSOne, how does he get the right to have people give a sh*t what he says?

Anyone who takes anything David Perry says to heart is an idiot themselves.

blahatthat3931d ago

What has he done lately?

omansteveo3931d ago

This the same guy that said they didnt try when they made the Matrix games bc they knew they would sell anyways

jackdoe3931d ago

This guy is lame. Read the interview on Joystiq. I hate downloadable games. I like something physical in my hands.