UK government responds to Manhunt 2 petition

The UK government has finally responded to an online petition filed after Manhunt 2 was banned by the BBFC.

"The Government is satisfied with the BBFC's procedure and with the provisions for appeal, and will not be intervening in this process," said a statement on the Prime Minister's website.

The government statement referenced the BBFC's guidelines and noted that it "uses its powers to reject works extremely rarely." It also noted that there is an appeals procedure "which the game's producers are apparently pursuing."

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Coffin873866d ago

an "appeals procedure"?? would that be what i call hope? :)

therealwillie3866d ago

was just about to post this, grrr 2 minutes :)

ReBurn3866d ago

Looks like another online petition that accomplished absolutely nothing.

zonetrooper53866d ago

Meh, our goverment is pretty useless anyways. They never take any intrest in the UK citizens thoughts or suggestions.

nirwanda3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

It's ridiculous that in a so called liberal free country like the uk that we are currently the country (and maybe germany) that have had manhunt baned it OK to have somebody's leg drilled though in hostel but when it in a game and looks less realistic and closer in graphic nature to itchy and scratchy it get banned because kids may get there hands on it. as shown before the watershed uk

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