Five Things That Will Improve PS3 Sales

Nearly a year after the launch of the Playstation 3, one of the writers at has decided to take a look at the next generation console and see what factors could improve its sales. The writers stayed away from price, as too many people have focused on that one item. Instead, Aeropause looked at factors that may have been overlooked.

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nasim3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

by big margins at the moment

10:1 in JAPAN

and 3:1 in EU (ofcourse things say otherwise in VGCHARTS )

after TGS ps3 will match wii with the 399$ model and kill x360 even in NA

BTW some people have asked me to comment on VGCHARTS (lol) figures for EU .

a simple reasearch can find out that PS3 is currently outgunning x360 all over EU

x360 is nowhere in the top charts of any UK retailer

ps3 is at no 2 ...x360 is nowhere to be found . HMV is the biggest retailer of UK and x360 is non existent on their website

ps3 is at no 11...x360 is at no 600
x360 is non existent

as for VGCHARTS which was refuted by NPD group themselves in MAY :-

VGCHARTS inflated x360's MAY SALES by 50 000 units (NA)

VGCHARTS downgraded ps3's MAY SALES by 12000 units (NA)

HMV accounts for 40% sales of VIDEO GAMES in UK

This is JAPANESE scenario last week. Expect x360 weekly hardware sales to plummet below 1000 units this week...yesssssssssssssss

Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD
1. NDS - 77,488 | 94,339 | 5,267,004 | 19,272,683
2. WII - 29,088 | 39,371 | 2,619,238 | 3,538,881
3. PSP - 15,564 | 22,196 | 1,385,230 | 5,917,359
4. PS2 - 13,360 | 14,280 | 559,434 | 20,714,293
5. PS3 - 13,248 | 18,068 | 675,170 | 1,132,728
6. 360 - 1,286 | 1,635 | 142,644 | 407,346
7. GBA - 550 | 474 | 46,320 | 15,344,399
8. NGC - 82 | 73 | 9,547 | 4,179,015

Marceles3902d ago

The PS3 sales are improving, but the ps3 has a good while before they catch up to the Wii in Japan and the 360 in NA. I agree with the guy below me, it needs games. It needs exclusive games and games that haven't really been seen on other systems that display the power that PS3 owners have been waiting for. The 2005 Killzone trailer set the bar high for the PS3 and made it seem like almost every game is supposed to look like that at this time. The PS3 just needs to flex its gaming muscle with alot more game releases and no more 2 week delays between releases. Once Home comes out, I think Sony will start to open the floodgates and show alot of stuff we never thought would come out...Sony's been pretty quiet lately, while the 360's been going 200 mph like the last year of gaming is 2007.

jaja14343902d ago

haha I just love this guy. The article mentions nothing about the 360, except to compare backwards compatibility and sheer number of SKU's. Yet he goes off shouting how the PS3 is winning and Japan and EU.

I have just never seen someone so flamboyant against a little white box.

barom3901d ago

rofl nasim I'm rooting for ya. keep doing your thing rofl

Everyone is saying Japan is too loyal and dis and that. Fact is America is as loyal. Proof: Original Xbox, ONLY place it went well was in the US. X360 only one place were X360 is big is US. Even with all the RROD. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I dont know why I brought that up. I guess I was "inspired" by nasim hahahahah can't believe it myself. Anyway regarding article. Cutting off PS2 is the worst thing they could ever do. That's what Sony would have done in the old days, forcing people to buy stuff is just stupid.

Xi3902d ago

if playstation fanboys were more mature I'd consider buying a system.

VaeVictus3902d ago

Wow, your statement is totally immature and retarded. If you don't think there are equally moronic, immature fanboys for every console you are smoking some HQ stuff or drinking some serious kool aide.

I buy consoles b/c they have games I enjoy. I don't buy them based on my ignorant perceptions of other peoples behavior.

therealwillie3902d ago

thats a really immature comment to make considering that there are more 360's in the world than ps3's, which has to mean they're a lot more immature 360 owners

gEnKiE3902d ago

Fanboys are all the same no matter what system it is idiot.....

thewhoopimen3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I'm wasting my time by posting in response to #3, but I want to point out the logic of your conclusion. The fact that the PS3 is a more "premium" priced system means that the odds of a mature audience are going to be ahem... higher. What parent is going to buy their spoiled little game brat a PS3 when they can get something 'similar' in an xbox360? So no, you are more likely to find a more "mature" audience on the PS3.

Sadly, age demographics on "gamer" sites are completely different, so you'll be hearing from the minority of ps3 owners.

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ReBurn3902d ago

It needs some first-class titles on the shelves to improve sales. The content lineup has been pretty lackluster. If it hadn't been for movies my PS3 wouldn't have had any use before Heavenly Sword released.

Please don't give me a list of what's coming. Those stupid lists show up in every thread it seems like. I know what's coming. I want stuff now, not 2008.

Marceles3902d ago

yeah i hate reading those too. those guys that always post a bunch of games about to be released with most of them coming out next year...

"Heavenly Sword"

blah blah...we just need some really good exclusive games and no multiplatform delays and PS3 will be in good shape


Sad but true; PS3 will not crawl out of third place this generation; much like the gamecube last-gen.

If they're not buying it now; they wont be buying it next year, the year after or the year after.

VaeVictus3902d ago

The PS3 will likely never surpass the other two consoles in sales, but your statement is wrong. IIRC, the N64 dominated the 1st year or so in sales. It was quickly outpaced afterwards by Sony. This generation won't likely see the same result, but it is not unprecedented.

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