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Kratos, a brutal hero, will have new adventures with God of War: Chains of Olympus for the Playstation Portable. The story takes place before the events that led to the first God of War on the Playstation 2 system, ten years to be precise, during which Kratos was a slave for the Gods. Again, he will destroy terrors taken straight from the greek mythology's bestiary, by example the Basilisk.

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Azures3838d ago

Can't come soon enough. PSP and DS have a bunch of heavy hitters otw.

goodganja3838d ago

i wish sony had their own version of super smash bros. It could be called super sony bros or something. lol. I would like to see Kratos and Nariko brawl to the bloody death.

PlayStation3603838d ago

It would be awesome if Namco added special fighters to each console for Soul Calibur 4 like they did in soul calibur 2. Like for the PS3 version have Kratos and Nariko. Blades of Chaos/Athenas vs. Heavenly Sword. Who would win? My guess, Kratos hands down. :)

akaFullMetal3838d ago

this game looks so awesome, and its on the psp, i cant believe the stuff that they are getting from this little handheld, im in awwwwwwww, cant wait