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Anti-gravity racing in high definition (1080p) with 60-frames-per-second, interested? That is the premise of Wipeout HD, which will be a downloadable title from the Playstation Store directly to your Playstation 3 hard drive disc come the end of 2007. Seven racing modes, a photo mode, up to eight players at the same time, keep an eye for this game.

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Coffin873901d ago

neat :)
very awesome game. i'm soo waiting for it.

goodganja3901d ago

Wipeout is a true futuristic HD game. I cant wait to buy this. Let the Xbots brag about having their precious Fatal Intertia. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

tudors3901d ago

I have a Xbox-360 but clearly this looks really nice; precious fatal interia lol.

jagang783901d ago

.... for this to hit. Wipeout fan since the beginning. I just wish they'd tell us when it is coming.

Lex Luthor3901d ago

Long time no see, i loved this game on ps1.

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The story is too old to be commented.