Xbox 360 Could be 'Distant Third' by 2009

According to a series of recent reports by the research group DFC Intelligence, the game industry is poised to see enormous overall growth in 2009, just in time for the Xbox 360 to slip to a distant third place in the console race.

DFC estimates that the videogame market will swell to $47 billion by 2009, a 42 percent increase over the $33 billion generated by the industry in 2006. That forecast includes revenue from videogame hardware and software, dedicated portable system hardware and software (i.e. the DS and PSP - not mobile phones), PC games, and online PC and console games.

But the Xbox 360's selling power could be on the wane, according to DFC's research. The company has raised its forecast for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 and lowered its forecast for Microsoft's console, predicting that the Wii will stay on top at least through 2008 and that the PS3 will move into overdrive in 2009.

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toughNAME3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Maybe not

That would mean the 360 would be on the market for 4 years

I HOPE by then MS comes out with a new xbox

of course they would be losing a ton of money...but from a gamers perspective -> :D:D:D

EDIT - lol alright then, from MY perspective >> :D

Baba19063839d ago

i would be pretty angry if in 2 years i had to buy a new console.....

cloud3603839d ago

Xbox 3 will be released December 3rd 2011 not 2007 accoriding to...........

um oh right ill be honest its gonna be realased 2009

BloodySinner3839d ago

I'm with you on that one.

JsonHenry3839d ago

By 2009 a new Xbox will have been announced for sure. They are already working on it actually.

I think we will have a new Xbox between Winter 2009 and winter 2010. By then games like Crysis will be 2 years old and the power needed to make near photo realism that is displayed in Crysis will be cheap enough for consoles.

Wonder what the next gen games are going to look like?

nasim3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I agree with the analysts

since x360 is dead in EU and JAPAN

ofcourse if u look at VGCHARTS x360 is very much alive which infact is not the reality

ps3 outsells x360 10:1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EU


in EU and JAPAN almost 40% of x360s bought before wii/ps3 launch were exchanged for either wii/ps3.

no ps2 owner has bought and kept x360.

many xbox owners have bought wii and ps3 too

beavis4play3839d ago

i don't care if it's sony, ms, nintendo or whoever else; with dev costs for games getting higher, bringing out new systems in less than 6-7 years(at least) will do nothing but set the devs back and force them to learn new hardware AND lead to higher game prices. the very idea that ms would bring out another sysem after four years(that then makes 2 in eight years)is crazy.

m91058263839d ago

Wow... they really have you in their pocket if you'd be willing to buy a new console from them every 4 years or less. With the track record of failing units this gen, I would pray that they don't rush the next one out as well. I hope that the next MS console is made to a higher degree of physical quality.

hazeblaze3839d ago

If Microsoft came out with another console in two years, not only when they guarantee a loss for themselves this gen... they'd be setting themselves up to lose next gen also.

ALL three console makers are already planning their next gen console... plans on next gen systems typically begin immediately after launch of your new system. The fact that they're already planning one does not mean they plan to release it so early and it would be foolish of them to do so.

i Shank u3839d ago

saying people are "falling for something" is a retarded way of putting it. it goes like this; i make money, and i choose how to spend it, no tricks involved, see? thinking you're going to play the same system on a "10 year plan" like sony says, or 7 years like you say, and have the best games and grphx etc., wont happen, so you have to make a tradeoff

kooplar3839d ago

I was all about ps2 last gen, but sony just couldnt keep up with the playstation brand. That is why i own and only own an xbox 360 as of right now, cause I dont need anything else ( expect smash of coarse!!)

SlappyMcTaint3839d ago

As soon as the PS3 gets into the no. 1 worldwide, M$ will try and 1up them again, so we'll never really have "equal" competition, it'll forever be staggered.

It says something about the PS3 if it can hold out for 10 years like Sony says -especially if M$ has to build 2 more 'Box's in that time just to compete.

DEIx15x83838d ago

A new Xbox will hopefully be released in November 2010. By five years consoles are fully discovered and stop advancing. The 360 was too early and the Xbox had not fully been unlocked after four years and the PS3 was too late and let the PS2 grow stale at six years. Plus a new Xbox in 2010, 2015, 2020, etc. would be easy to remember.

tomfoolery3838d ago

some unknown company,and take 2nd place this gen..........................T he Wii 1st,? console 2nd,360 3rd, ps3 4th.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I'm not a fanboy like that. I just hate narrow sighted XBOX 360 fanboys, who act like their console isn't benefiting from it's cheaper price and think Halo 3 will end the world. I defend PS3 from people like that.

But then this article is written pro PS3 and is really attacking XBOX 360. Saying their console could be dead in 2 years. And that's not what I'm about at all. I just wish XBOX 360 fans could have their games like Halo and Gears of War and fable, and they would leave our games alone.

Azures3839d ago

I have often questioned why their are xbox fans who rabidly dislike Sony, for no discern able reason. They've never been able to give me a real reason either, just fanboy rhetoric.

BloodySinner3839d ago

Both of you don't have credibility. Because the same applies to PS3 fanboys.

Alvadr3839d ago

Agree with Lightning & bubbles

toughNAME3839d ago

as in the same guy who goes comments on EVERY Halo article?

the same guy who goes to a 360 section and starts his comment with "whatever im going back to heavenly sword"

you guys are goes both ways

uxo223839d ago

I agree with BloodySinner & toughNAME, ShiroRX & Lightning claim to hate xbox fanboys for the same reason people flame on them. They do the same things, were not even going to mention naism. He has never Ever being a hardcore SONY FANBOY. Their last comments are nothing more than FANBOY comments within itself.

Now on the story, these guys are analyst; NOT fortune tellers. Analyst are suppose to use trends and current conditions to determine future behavior. Now, humor me here, based on the CURRENT trend and past results, how can ANY respectable "Analyst" predict that the 360 will be falling off, without clearly talking out of his/her A$$.

We have stooped to a new low when Analyst (suppose to be trustworthy) are becoming either fanboys or bribe takers. But, I guess we all have our price whether it be money or fine

BIadestarX3839d ago

@ShiroRX - I will give you a reason. The reason is you. Sony fanboys are the worst.. they always want to prove that wherever is made by sony is perfect and wherever sony says is writen on stones. You lie to yourselves and lie to others. Let me give you an example....
When Resitance was being developed... how many times Sony fanboys bash gears saying that it looked like crap? that resistance was better until the very resistance developers admitted that gears looked better.
How about your constance flame about bioshock looking like crap and always trying to prove that the xbox 360 is dead while NPD number say otherwise? You are the reason why we will burn Sony to the grown and every article... when you stop... we stop. simple as that.
did I give you a reason?

Sez 3839d ago

@bladestar. i couldn't agree with you more. every post ps3 fanboys never miss a oppertunity to bash the 360 or 360 fans calling them xbots. and that 360 is weak. but when NPD numbers come out. the first thing they say is. "sales is not inportant" and the 360 games will be out classed by sony. never have i heard a sony fanboy give props to a 360 game.but let something negative be said about sony. "everyone is bashing sony" you guys sound like cry babies. if you can't take it. stop dishing it.

Vertius3839d ago

Xbox fanboys spread just as much nonsense as a typical Sony fanboy. You shouldn't generalise against an entire group of people, without looking at the other side of the argument.

Sony fanboys and Xbox fanboys are pretty much the same as each other, they but worship a different idol.

BIadestarX3839d ago

@Vertius - I don't disagree with you about going both ways... but noticed that most xbox fans or fanboys don't undermind the power of the PS3.. and even as a Xbox fans I am willing to recognize that the PS3 is a very powerful machine and is capable of delivering great games. Most xbox 360 fans do not initiate an argument about the PS3 abilities we react to the contant xbox 360 flame. We are willing to say that both consoles are as good and as powerful and have strength and weakness... but Sony fanboys would never admit that. Do you know why? Because of the price difference and because of the games.. if both consoles are as poweful to deliver next gen games... then why Pay more for a PS3 when it has less games and is easier to make games for? To Sony and their fanboys... the only way they can feel they have accomplished something is if the xbox 360 is crap... which is why they say crap like bioshock look last gen, Halo 3 look like crap, Gears look like atari. And you spect us not to response?

Vertius3839d ago

Actually, I've heard many criticisms of the PS3 hardware. Such eloquent comments such as "The PS3 has gimped memory!" and "RSX can't do AA!? What a piece of crap!"

You come out with a lot of intelligent comments, Blade, but you're generalising a bit here.

xplosneer3839d ago

but giving Blade bubbles for showing all fanboys aren't really all bad. Blade your comments are well thought out and such that's why.

synetic3839d ago

i think halo 3 is amazing game and worth to buy a xbox 360 for in the problem i that xbox 360 is really only worth for halo 3 and maybe gow .. but one game no matter how good it is cant give victory to a console .

other problem is the fact that millions of gamers will buy halo 3 and they going to play like crazy for months and months ... this mean that this millions of ppl will stop buying other games ( halo 3 is so good that gamers will not care for other games for a long time ) this will hurt the software sales of xbox 360 ... so is halo 3 going to help xbox 360 ???

well in my case i have a xbox 360 for more than a year and i have only 2 games until now GOW and soon halo 3 .... and i not plan to buy another game atm maybe halo 3 will be the last one until gow2 or halo 4 is released lol

spasticjustice3838d ago

WTF are you trying to say man? I hope I'm not alone here, but I quite frankly, can't understand a single thing you were trying to say. Your ability to structure a legible sentence is lost in space man...

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goodganja3839d ago

Xbox 360 came out in 2005. when the ps3 starts dominating the home console market in 2008, be looking for microsoft to announce that their next gen xbox will be released mid 2009. They know they will need to do this in order to compete with ps3. so by E3 next year, microsoft will be announcing the new xbox. that's why you havent heard of any news for 360 beyond 08. they're getting ready to compete with the future proof ps3.

360 owners need to take heed and trade their 360 consoles in by may next year and get ps3 unless you're looking to spend 700-800 on their next gen xbox. cause microsoft will abandon all 360 support like they did with the original xbox.

uxo223839d ago

I really don't think the PS3 will take off until AFTER something is done with the PS2. As long as Sony continues to push the PS2, it will continue to hold a pillow over its bigger sister's face.

PS3n3603839d ago

Ps3 may be future proof but it isnt past or present proof. Fact is PS3 is only now just starting to get a decent game here and there and most of the PS3 fans are still saying wait till next year. OK we will patiently wait for 2008 which is when PS3 is finally worth buying. 10 year life cycle doesnt mean you wont see PS4 untill 2016 it means you will see PS4 half way through in 2011 as with the previous 2 versions of PS. 2008 - 2011 is only 3 years of gaming. 360 launched in 2005 got great games at launch and had AAA titles in less than a year so even if you minus the first year 360 users are still getting 3-4 years of AAA titles before the next box comes out. Its a wash people. The true life cycle of both consoles for hardcore launch day system buyers is 4-5 years. Its fair to say that most people on here are hardcore gamers and or fanboys.

beavis4play3839d ago

this isn't necessarily criticism of ms. microsoft did this with the first xbox. it barely got to be 4 years old before they brought out a new system. so, it is very possible that they could do this again. i think it would be a mistake, but they could do it.

hazeblaze3839d ago

Actually, the 360 has only had 2-3 AAA games a year that weren't multiplat. So even with it's current track record, a new console as early as 2009 would feel like a rip off.

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