Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive Upgrade only $59.99

Are you still rocking a 20GB or 60GB Xbox 360? If you are, this deal is for you.For a limited of time or until they run out, you can get a 250GB Xbox 360 HDD for only $59.99


***Hard Drives are back in Stock!!!***

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YoungMoney2586d ago

No sir, they are back in stock! They just updated the site.

vsr2585d ago Show
Natsu892585d ago

Are you kidding me? 60 bucks for a 250gb HDD? IMHO this is to much, i mean how greedy is MS?

ABizzel12586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

It should have been that price to begin with.

sashimi2586d ago Show
xGet_In_There2586d ago

wish it was the slim one. def need to upgrade mine soon

Arup022586d ago

It is still expensive.

Jezuz2586d ago

dude, this is cheap enough already

starcb262586d ago

I upgraded my PS3's hard drive to 500GB for $53.

Jezuz2586d ago

wtf, it's only a $6 difference

El_Colombiano2586d ago

250GB vs 500GB. $6 difference. Not that hard to choose.

DelbertGrady2586d ago

It's not that big of a difference once you take into account how much space the PS3 needs for its patches, firmware updates and mandatory installs. It needs much more space than the 360.

Echo3072586d ago


Xbox 360 + 250GB HD upgrade = $260

Your PS3 + 500GB HD = $353

Without mandatory installations, I don't need as much room on my HD. Not hard to choose.

256bit2586d ago

@ Echo307

you make no sense were did you get the $353 at?

Bnet3432585d ago

LOL Actually he made much sense. The $300 is the cost of a PS3. It's hard to argue what he said. And PS3 does have mandotory installs compared to optional on Xbox 360.

Echo3072585d ago

LMAO, I was beyond drunk when I posted that. Disregard! :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.