Capcom: 'Gamers have abandoned consoles'

President of firm’s mobile arm says smartphones have taken the place of DS, PSP and PC, reports MCV.

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Optical_Matrix2290d ago

Really? I use my DS and PSP more than my phone for entertainment. Same with my Macbook. What you mean to say is, Japanese devs have abandoned consoles.

thereapersson2290d ago

At least now we know that Capcom has officially lost touch with reality this gen.

zootang2290d ago

Should it not be "developers have abandoned consoles"

presto7172290d ago

When should someone ever play a handheld? I find it just too hard to leave my ps3 and pc to go and play on such a tiny screen. I cant play while travelling because its too distracting and I find listening to music + reading to be better. So when do people play handhelds really???

rroded2290d ago

Gamers have abandoned

Doletskaya2290d ago

Lol, they think that since nobody is buying their games, gamers must have abandoned consoles. But the real reason is that their games suck.

Simon_Brezhnev2290d ago

@ Doletskaya

Your right and thats what they get for their shitty DLC rape.

Sarcasm2290d ago

80m Wii's, 50m 360s, and 47m PS3s disagree.

cochise3132290d ago

They keep making trashy games, they will keep getting trashy results.

DORMIN2289d ago

Funny story Capcom, I haven't owned a portable system since the gameboy advanced.

I own all 3 consoles though and am looking to spend at least $400 on games for the year.

rockleex2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Yea, you went ahead and made Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii where none of its fanbase was instead of the PS3.

You go and made multiple unnecessary versions of RE5 and SF4, and release crappy DLC.

You go and mess up Devil May Cry.

Then you say we have abandoned consoles?!

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Winter47th2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

The Japanese videogame's industry isn't relevant anymore, they're in pieces and a shame to their own past & glories. I called it quits when Tekken, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill & the 27 versions of Street Fighter IV failed to live up to their hype.

Dno2290d ago

your right about everything but street fighter as i think its the highest rated and best selling SF/ fighting game in years and it also revived the WHOLE fighting game genre.

Also as a long time SF fan it is by far the best one yet as far as character balance, content, and pure fun for hardcore and casuals. (SSF4 is the number one game at evo btw)

can not wait for MVC3^^

baker_boi2290d ago Show
guzman2290d ago

Silent Hill has been in western hands for years, genius.

guzman2290d ago

@baker_boi: Yeah, yeah cry me a river. Just because Nintendo is hammering the competition, doesn't mean there aren't other options available to you. Playing in traffic for instance.

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pxpxp2290d ago

more like "capcom has abandoned gaming"...

catguykyou2290d ago

In japan consoles have taken a backseat to portable systems. Because they are a Japanese company I'm sure they primarily mean their home market.

JsonHenry2290d ago

"There is a higher profit margin on mobile devices."

There, I fixed that statement.


U r right....This article is total FAIL. The only thing i use my black berry for is pinging,internet and music when im on the move. But if im on a long journey i play games on my PSP not my black berry.

Jezuz2290d ago

Capcom doesn't represent ALL Jap Devs

Christopher2290d ago

I admit I use my phone more than my PSP and DS for "gaming". But, the type of gaming is vastly different considering I tend to do crosswords, kenken, sudoku, and similar puzzle games.

For "real gaming", nothing takes up more time than my PC and PS3.

What they fail to acknowledge is that while many more people can game on a phone, the biggest profit is from console games still. Just perhaps not for Capcom considering their lackluster productions other than fighting games.

UnwanteDreamz2290d ago

Maybe gamers are just abandoning Capcom. Typical "it's them not us" mentality.

KotC2290d ago

Everyone hold up 4 fingers.

That's how many successful good games CAPCOM has made in the past 5 years.

DA_SHREDDER2290d ago

Contrary. Most 3rd party devs and publishers have abandoned us ps3 users since the beginning of this gen. Go F yourself Capcom. The only thing good to come from the company has yet to be released. MvC3.

Theonik2290d ago

No, Japanese gamers have abandoned consoles. As a result Japanese developers make games for their core fanbase. One could argue that western devs have abandoned handhelds.

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SnakeMustDie2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Coming from a company that milks gamers with useless costume DLCs locked in their games.

NYC_Gamer2290d ago

now capcom will put out crappy games on smart phones

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