10 Unannounced Exclusives for the Xbox 360

GamingBolt writes: If you take a long and a deep look in to Xbox 360’s line up for 2011, the only well known franchise is Gears of War 3. The rest are either Kinect games or new IP’s which we are not sure how they will turn out.
Through this feature we take a look ten such games which we believe will be announced soon and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

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NYC_Gamer2736d ago

wow,has it got this sites have to make up 360 exclusives for 2011.

Godmars2902736d ago

Its worse than that: if they were announced today its highly doubtful some would be out in 2013. Nevermind 2012.

anthraxCZ2736d ago

microsoft had to announce some sequels of these, because if not, xbox is definitely dead

now, it is just dying

Retro_Zombie2736d ago

You guys ready for more Halo?!! No? Well too bad! lol

alien6262736d ago

this article is a fail...if the games where announce they wont come out till maybe 2012 and a lot are just rumors or just fake games or "what they think" like for example metro 2033...yea this game was good but if they make a sequel most likely it will end up on ps3 or PC

Pixel_Enemy2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Yeah this is a WEAK list and the 360 does seem to be dying unless you are a fan of Kinect.. I just got my first 360 a few weeks ago, I jumped in at the wrong time lol. Good thing I also have a PS3! LBP2, KZ3, Uncharted 3, inFamous2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Socom4, Twisted Metal, Gears of War 3 and I know I am missing a few that I plan to buy. It will be good year for me

tehpees32736d ago

lol more like 10 unannounced PS3 exclusives. Sony keep giving quality exclusives in record time.

2736d ago
LORD-PHOENIX2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

this is not only embarrassing and full of fail....its scraping the barrell

its making me realise that i have only gears 3 to look forward to for my 360 im just like WTF

ksense2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I would rather they stay unannounced....

@DK286K exaggerate much? DOZENS of highly rated EXCLUSIVES? i think 360 fanboys are hoping these titles are announced way more than ps3 fanboys hoping they are not announced. on top of what has already been announced for ps3 i can prolly come up with 10 more unannounced exclusives for ps3 as well.

KotC2736d ago

Xbox is dead but was the hottest console this year? Also MS famous for keeping their pipeline secret untill shows like GDC and E3, they been doing that for 5 years now. PS3 fanboys said the 360 had nothing for 2010 and the 360 ended up having more games do to Sony delays.

ABizzel12736d ago

It's sad that none of those games would be day 1 for me, except maybe Halo 4. I'm not the biggest Halo fan, but I did like Reach and Combat Evolved.

HD remakes and I haven't been the best of friends, and God of War is the only one I've bought for $20 (I'll pick up Ico/Shadow as well). So Combat Evolved will get a buy when it drops to $20.

I actually liked Alan Wake, and Remedy needs to do something to make up for the high production cost of that game, because even though they sold 1 million copies it's still not enough (make it multiplat Remedy). So I would buy Alan Wake 2 once it dropped to $40.

I could care less about everything else.

Inside_out2736d ago Show
malandra2736d ago

we really need Sega to launch a new console

otherwise PS3 will have no competion on the core gaming front and they might start to take the audience for granted and start releasing less than 10 AAA exclusives a year

Godmars2902736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

How would Sega going back into consoles help anything? One of the main reasons they stopped making them was that they weren't getting 3rd party support. They're certainly not in any shape to buy it like MS's been doing. Cuoldn't possibly have the money to do that plus the R&D into a system anything close to the 360 and PS3.

Right now the market is split between consoles, handhelds and cell phones. My guess is that Sony will likely be the only survivor in the console arena, but the PS4 or 5 will be cloud based support software built into TVs. A full fledged media box capable of replace a cable top box.

How is Sega going to match that?

starchild2736d ago

As usual more than 90% of the people commenting are PS3 fanboys. They seem to be so much more concerned about the 360 than anybody else. Thanks for worrying for us guys. Where would we be without you? We wouldn't get our daily dose of hate without you.

DigitalRaptor2736d ago

None of your comment makes any sense, because right now, it's more like bragging and sheer joy (at knowing these awesome games are coming only to PS3 this year) than crying.

Xbox fans are quieter than PS3 fans here and now because they know that starting an argument about games going into in 2011 is not gonna work out well for them.

seinfan2736d ago

Even if this were true, none of those are a buy for me. I have Gears 3 and any interesting multiplat to look forward to. My PS3 is reserved for its exclusives.

rockleex2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

More like 10 imaginary exclusives for the 360.

HolyOrangeCows2735d ago

Too Human 2?
Perfect Dark Zero 2?
Lost Odyssey 2?
Are people really WAITING for these? lol

I'd be interested in Kameo 2, though. RARE's last flicker of talent this generation.

ThanatosDMC2735d ago

Did you guys notice there's almost no Teh Doomz PS3 articles lately but oddly enough there arent any Teh Doomz 360 articles.

Funny those 360 fanboys disappeared from N4G maybe they actually purchased a PS3 and liked it.

TheLastGuardian2735d ago

I couldn't stand strictly gaming on 360 only. All the games are new IPs and I like series. The new IP's on 360 don't get sequels because nobody likes the originals.

JohnnyBadfinger2735d ago

"Did you guys notice there's almost no Teh Doomz PS3 articles lately but oddly enough there arent any Teh Doomz 360 articles."

You realise you just said the samething about both consoles but in different words?

And can anyone honestly tell me the name of a good Exclusive that i'd like whether it be from PS3 360 or PC... dont say Uncharted Franchise cause its gay, dont say Killzone 2 because its boring, Dont say God of War Franchise because thats also gay. Dont say Halo Franchise because Reach and ODST killed the franchise for me, Dont say Fable Franchise because 2 and 3 killed it for me, Gears of War....hmmm i liked the first but the multiplayer in the second ruined it alot...

SO as far as i can see both consoles top exclusives are pretty much all fail... and since i dont play PC games i dont give a shit...

GT5 was pretty awesome but it was no different 1,2,3 or 4.

the best franchise of the last 5 years would easily be between Assassins Creed and Mass Effect... OH whats that they are multiplats? my point is proven

TheLastGuardian2735d ago

I'm sorry, but you have a bad taste in games imo. Exclusives are better than multiplats most of the time.

"Uncharted is gay"

Really, what are you 12?

gaden_malak2735d ago

"the best franchise of the last 5 years would easily be between Assassins Creed and Mass Effect... OH whats that they are multiplats? my point is proven"

You're an idiot.

You use your own opinion to prove a point.

Kurt Russell2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I would love all those games mentioned in the article to come out. I don't somehow think they're going to though...

It's going to be kinect games released for a while :(

Bucky Sligo2735d ago


My thoughts exactly. The Xbox360 is far from dying. I am also questioning the pulling power an exclusive has considering that exclusives are only a small part of each console's library and the amount of excellent multiplat games coming out soon like:
Deus Ex
Mortal Kombat
Elder Scrolls
Dead Space 2
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Crysis 2
Portal 2
Metal Gear Solid Rising
DiRT 3
Battlefield 3
Batman Arkham City

gamer20102735d ago

Exclusives are just like any other kind of game, I usually only truly love about 20% of those that are released.

So if 10 exclusives are released in a year I usually only love about 2 of them.

The thing is, there are so many more multiplatform games released in a year than exclusives. So if 100 multiplatform games are released in a given year I will probably like about 20 of them.

In reality I will usually not be able to afford all the games I want in a year. I usually get a couple exclusives and about 10 multiplatform games. I have a back catalog of at least 90 games that I really want to get around to playing.

This is one of the reasons I really don't care about all the talk of exclusives. The other reason is that I have all the consoles so that when one console has a bad year it doesn't really affect me. Last year for my tastes was kind of dry on the PS3 as far as exclusives. This year for exclusives on the 360 seems dry. But like I said most of the games I seem to love are multiplatform games anyway.

ThanatosDMC2735d ago

Must suck to not be able enjoy games. Fable 2 is fine. It's Fable 3 that sucked. I didnt like that my weapons supposedly mutated as i used it or as time went by and the how the story was so linear.

captain-obvious2735d ago

i think gamingbolt is trolling

RedDevils2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Hahaahahaahaha I got to wait for it for another 20 years :)

@JohnnyBadfinger it's seem you hate all games, so sad

2735d ago
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doa7662736d ago ShowReplies(13)
poe2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Site doesnt load for me.

I see you wrote an article on how Bizarre is closing down but yet listed Project Gotham 5 in the "unnanounced list" its called common sense you should try it.

ksense2736d ago

there is nothing to load

Zashule2736d ago

I noticed that too, LMAO. Journalism FAIL!

Mozilla892735d ago

Don't worry you're not missing much.

I got to the website, saw the first 2 games were "Halo 4" and "Halo 1 Remake" and lol'd

nycredude2736d ago

They have articles with "10 unannounced exclusives for". This is pretty pathetic.

theIMP2736d ago Show
dontbhatin2736d ago

@ theIMP

butthurt much? figure out what he is talking about in the comment before you go crying on here like someone that has nothing better to do.he was talking about how pathetic journalists are with trying to get hits on their websites; even i laughed at the title, not because it had 360 at the end but what the article was about.

im pretty sure you have friends you can go chill with instead of stressing yourself out on a comment section on N4G.

theIMP2736d ago

@ dontbhatin
Butthurt? Nope, just tired of not being able to have a positive conversation about any 360 news on this site without having a overwhelming bunch of pricks (for example you and nyce-fuck up there) talking a bunch of completely delusional bullshit, to stroke each other’s ego's and convince yourselves that your TOY is better that his TOY. So here's a big FUCK OFF for you too.

By the way I'm not stressing, but if my comment bothers you enough for you to leave a comment like that then it makes me feel a little better. I tried to be level headed on here, but PS3 fanboy jerk off’s such as yourself will never quit or listen to reason, so I will at least cuss at y'all a little to get your blood pressure up as much as I can. Peace out bitches. 5 day ban.....Well fucking worth it.

Imalwaysright2735d ago

Do you know what really is pathetic? Getting mad because people dont say good things about the 360. Youre even more pathetic than PS3 fanboys. Lol getting mad because of a fucking console.

Bucky Sligo2735d ago


Yes, PS3 fanboys never gets mad /s

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doa7662736d ago

360 is all about Kinect from now on, everyone except 360 fanboys in deep denial know that

there might be 2 or 3 core games a year until a next MS console is released but they won't receive the some production, resources and advertisement they did before, all that money now goes to Kinect and Kinect games

the best way to describe this is to look to what happened to the PS2 once the PS3 was released, because MS is treating Kinect like a new console and hardcore games are a thing of the past console

malandra2736d ago

@cez of rage

I have a 360 and I get close to crying when see what the once glorious hardcore console has become

FinalSpartan2736d ago

If this list is true, then straight away Xbox 360 will be right there with the PS3s line up this year.

McMee2736d ago

MS E3 2010 crowd "where's the controller?" MS "you are the controller!" crowd "cool?" MS E3 2011 crowd "where are the games?" MS "you are the game, just close your eyes and you're there, it's amazing!!!!!!!!!" crowd "these collectible ponchos just won't cut this year."

showtimefolks2735d ago

xbox360 had a better year AAA titles wise than ps3. but from 2007-2009 ps3 had bigger years in my OPINION.

xbox360 will have 2 AAA exclusives forza 4 and gears 3 and i am sure MS will announce few more at E3 and we will find some new info on the ones already announced yet we know so little right now.

so expect a slow year exclusives wise but 3rd party is still there for both ps3/xbox360. expect MS to have a better year in 2012 but ps3 exclusives wise will have double the number even in 2012

last guardian
ff 13 versus

3 huge games most likely set for 2012 along with few that will be delayed this year

i don't think from here on out MS will be able to compete with sony on exclusives bases they will keep getting timed exclusives dlc to make it seem better. but if you only care about exclusives ps3 is the clear option.

but if you care about games get both ps3/xbox360 and you won't miss any great exclusives titles

ChronoJoe2735d ago

Bizzare creations are being put out of commission (no pgr).

Rare won't be making Kameo 2, for sure, they are busy... and they won't be making project dark 2 either for that matter lol

the rest are just random gueses. I don't think mystwalker would make a lo 2 though, maybe another jrpg.

oldjadedgamer2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

The Last Story will be apparently be Hironobu Sakaguchi's last game. So who knows if Mistwalker will survive without him

LO2 is extremely unlikely.

turnerdc2735d ago

Microsoft owns the rights to PGR. All they have to do is get another developer to develop the game.

Istanbull2735d ago

NYC_Gamer: lol you made lol :)

dragunrising2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I will never understand some of the logic "some" people use on this site.

It is absolutely nonsensical to say the Xbox 360 is dying. A console is on decline when the sales decline and games stop being released. Xbox 360 sells a lot of hardware and software and had a record year (especially in profits). That should say something. When the price drops to $200 for the hard drive equipped 360, expect sales to increase even further. Most of the PS2's sales were when the console was priced $200 or less (mass market price).

Frankly, it doesn't matter to most gamers if the 360 suffers from a lack of first party titles. If it did, sales of the console would reflect this. The 360 outsold the PS3 in North America in 2010 despite having fewer exclusives. Also, the largest release on any console, Call of Duty Black Ops sold more on 360. I don't even say this as a slight to the PS3. The 360 is doing well. Accept it or continue to live in denial. People on this site have been saying the 360 has been dying for years now. Its still here.

I will admit...that article is pretty bad. The only games I could imagine coming out this generation are Project Gotham Racing 5, Metro 2033 (multiplatform), a sequel or prequel to Halo 3 and a sequel to Shadow Complex. The rest?

Halo Combat Evolved: possibly the biggest surprise if true, although the possibility seems unlikely. If 343 Studios remakes Halo CE, why bother?

Perfect Dark 2: Rare has moved on.

Kameo 2: a sequel would be alright with me, although who or whom is the audience? I think the first one suffered an identity crisis at some point in production, although its a rough gem.

Alan Wake 2: If the first one took 4-5 years, how long will this one take? A sequel is in the works, rest assured, but not for this gen. Microsoft wouldn't bundle the game with new console purchases if it wasn't planning on a sequel. Its a common practice to gain mind share for a sequel :-) It worked for Uncharted and Motorstorm.

Too Human: Too much fail. Enough said.

Lost Odyssey 2: Regrettably, it didn't sell well enough in Japan or America. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were supposed to win Japanese gamers. It didn't have Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest in the title.

dukenukemisyourgod2735d ago

last generation microsoft had much better first party support.

that's sad microsoft is letting 360 survive only on multiplats.

MarcusFenixITA2735d ago

The great days of the Xbox 360 are gone. If you haven't done it already go and buy a PS3 and give your your 360 the final kiss before kickin it out your window.

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goldensfree2736d ago

n two halos yay

lol this list is mostly just wishfull doubt we'll see most of these.

scruffy_bear2736d ago

Halo 1 remake is highly likly to happen this year, but most of the rest will never happen

CaptainPunch2735d ago

The only one that's likely to happen is the metro 2033 sequel.

captain-obvious2735d ago

Halo 4 WILL happen sooner or later

Hazmat132733d ago

i love metro 2033 from what i heard there is a book called Metro 2034 and they announced it for 360, PC and PS3!!!!! WOOO!!!

moparful992735d ago

I love how all the 360 zealots declared hd remakes lame now that suddenly they are getting an hd halo remake its the coolest idea that microsoft "didn't" come up with but are using anyway...

turnerdc2735d ago

To be fair, many people were complaining about HD remakes because nothing was really added to the game. Some cleaner visuals and a higher resolution but other than that it was a straight port. The "rumored" Halo remake is a complete overhaul of the Xbox original, supposedly using the Halo Reach engine.

moparful992735d ago

SO whenever microsoft dumps all kinds of money into up grading the game to the reach engine then turns around and slaps a $60 price tag on that you're still going to be so "Forgiving"?? Say what you want but the fact of the matter is the idea to take classic games from the previous generation, slightly upgraded them, add trophy support, and sell them for a bargain price is a genius move by sony and one that is being emulated by microsoft...

WoshJills2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Halo needs to die already.

Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo Wars
Halo: ODST
Halo: Reach

We have enough Halo. Why do people keep buying the same game over and over again? It's annoying. Xbox gamers need to learn to play something new.

Bungie isn't making the games anymore so gamers should abandon the franchise.

52pickup2736d ago

Pure guess work.

Also, Metro 2034 will possibly also come to PS3 according to this article posted on eurogamer.

Tommykrem2736d ago

Enjoy the unnanounced Too Human 2! :P
This list is pretty lame, even though some of these games would be cool to see announced. Some of them.