Nintendo 3DS Parental Controls Revealed

King Nintendo Fanboy: Today at Nintendo’s 3DS media event I had the chance to skim through all of the Parental Controls the new handheld has to offer.

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CrzyFooL2710d ago

LoL - master code in case they lock themselves out. GG parents.

nycredude2710d ago

Seriously does any parent actually use the parental controls on any devices these days? I see parents on line for midnight launches for GTA4 to buy their spoiled kids a game they shouldn't be playing.

Kids these days are spoiled.

Baka-akaB2710d ago

many parents i've seen dont even know how to navigate in consoles menu .

Not that they'd bother searching for the option anyway and turning it on .

No instead they'll be complaining about the god awful mature content of games .

nintendo and the others are only covering their behind legally anyway , by adding the option

KingNintendoFanboy2710d ago

I hope my mommy lets me use Street Pass.

greeneggsnsam2710d ago

Kids are too smart, they'll crack the code.

Drjft2710d ago

*insert Konami code*


Invadersims2710d ago

I hope Nintendo actually calls the master key, a "Super Unlock Key"

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