Call of Duty 4 Achievement List Revealed has posted the achievement list for the upcoming game Call of Duty 4. There are 37 achievements worth 1000 points.

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zonetrooper53933d ago

The CoD4 Beta is excellent I must say, CoD fans who are not in the beta, you will be impressived by this game. I would buy this and Halo 3.

The Real Joker3933d ago

I agree. The beta is a blast. I cannot stop playing it. I miss Warhawk but since the beta ends on the 30th of this month, I am playing the sh1t out of it.

The Pants Party3933d ago had this list a few weeks ago... not exactly new news. Nice try a360p, but you'll always be a few steps behind.

matt19913933d ago

i think that this is the only comp halo 3 has because the beta is it jus me or was there no online achievements

Que8133933d ago

there arent any online achievements because they want EVERYONE to be able to get 1000/1000, besides, the rank system is almost its own metagame/achievement system

QUNE3933d ago

I thought for sure there was an online acheivement for screaming at the top of your lungs after dieing. It's pretty popular on some games.

Gambero3933d ago multiplayer achievements! I think that the experience based multiplayer system is quite enough and is going to be great =)

sticky doja3933d ago

But I sure would like an achievement for something like 10 kills in a row or something, since they don't offer anything past 7 kills in a row, at least in the beta they don't.

AllroundGamer3933d ago

thats great, cause with MP achievements it is like forcing people to pay for the GOLD account when you want to get 1000 points.

matt19913933d ago

well it also is a good thing because in gears when people went to get there chainsaw and fraag taggin achievement thats what went on all game so atleast there wont be an y achievements whore's gettin just achievements

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