Rumour: Home open beta cancelled

Wikipedia has recently changed there Playstation Home page on there website.

They have got rid of the open beta relsease date and the open beta all together.

Does that mean that evryone will have to wait for the full release.

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toughNAME3601d ago

i doubt SONY would 'announce' something like this on..wikipedia

i Shank u3600d ago

why did you approve this dude? come on this is garbage

sonarus3601d ago

yea but with october just around the corner it makes sense. Just bring on home. No delays

Vip3r3601d ago

I agree. It seems a little late to have an open beta with it being released next month. But then again it would be great if there was one.

barom3601d ago

I'm kinda expectin Home to be delayed and an open beta to come

osirisomeomi3600d ago

I expect Home to be released as a beta in october, like the google mail beta or the windows live beta.

rich30003601d ago

yer i think its a bit to late with a beta with the release just round the corner unless the release has been delayed

TnS3601d ago

I can't believe that someone approved this.

BloodySinner3601d ago

Wasn't me, that's for sure.

snoop_dizzle3601d ago

how is that a legit source?

segasage3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


where any site is Legit news site(hey even WiKi), as well as fanboys changing the headlines and skewing every article.

This site is a joke...Apparently these guys don't think so, and did checkout the wiki site but still approved.

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but you might as well continue...

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The story is too old to be commented.