Halo 3: Enhancements Q&A

With the upcoming release of the beyond highly-anticipated Halo 3, is hard at work to not only gear up their online support and features, but they have also been completely revamping their website to include a laundry list of new content to track the online community.

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toughNAME3738d ago

you gotta appreciate the lovin' the community gets from Bungie

MoonDust3738d ago

Making your own online video will not be easier than ever!

digitall2k3738d ago

ow yeah i remember those sleepless nights, halo brings good memories, it's one of the first games i truly expirienced online, it was a new experience.

Good old halo
hope halo 3 comes out on pc in a year or so

Valin3738d ago

Spartan Mark V armour CONFIRMED STFU

slugg3738d ago

Will be the ability to take "snapshots" from both co-op and multiplayer, and email them with captions to my friends that I will be playing with religiously-- just imagine, you stick your buddy on the head with a spike grenade, take a picture just before it blows him to kingdom come, and email/send him the picture with a smarmy caption like "Nice hat" or "Way to use your head, BOZO!" The competion to come up with the funniest screenshot/caption will be just another awesome level to what promises to be one of the best games of all time!

Mattey3738d ago

Whenever i stick my friend i yell out just before it kills him,"Nice catch Andy!" now ill take a picture of it and have a caption under it and email it to him just to rub it in his face.

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