Opera chosen by Sony for LCD television and Blu-ray Disc players

Opera Software today announced to deliver its world-class browser on Sony BRAVIA televisions and Blu-ray Disc players. Opera aims to deliver more “lean-forward”, interactive components to connected home users by offering Opera’s solution to Sony’s state-of-the-art devices.

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Sneak-Out2649d ago

i hope, tha actual Browser sucks ...

TheFreak2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

why? Opera is awesome. It's the browser I am using on my pc. They are the top dog on the mobile market when it comes to browsers. So this is me knowing that your hope will fail :)

Edit: ah I see sorry my bad lol. Yeah that browser sucks indeed.

zeksta2649d ago

@TheFreak, Sneak was impmlying that the PS3's own browser sucks, not Opera, Opera is an awesome Browser :D

thereapersson2649d ago

I had Opera Mini on my HTC Touch Pro 2 back when I owned it, and it was hands-down one of the most useful mobile browsers ever. If only the actual phone had more memory, I wouldn't have had so many crashes when loading content-rich webpages.

NeoBasch2649d ago

Opera actually has a lot in common with Chrome. You'd be surprised. Download the latest version and see for yourself. They have a nice, simple design with panels for menus (kind of like Photoshop or something), which are nicely hidden but apparent: Chrome could learn a couple things from Opera. It's just the Wii's implementation of Opera that sucks.

I_find_it_funny2649d ago

I'd Opera on PS3 :) i think it's faster than chrome

Pixel_Enemy2649d ago

The PS3 browser isn't the greatest but I appreciate it for what it is. It even has flash. 360 doesn't have a browser at all.

fatstarr2649d ago

good choice,
not microsoft
not google
and they cant pic ff because its too free.

opera is great

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scruffy_bear2649d ago

Yeah this be the new web brower for the PS3 about time the one were using is poor

Rage_S902649d ago

i was hoping for google but this would be an improvement

mantisimo2649d ago

I like Opera she hosts great chat shows.

M4I0N32649d ago

LoL, they mean opera the web browser, not oprah winfrey

pxpxp2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

@ mantisimo

du-dum-dish (insta-rimshot)


nix2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

PS3 really needs a better browser. it hangs everytime i use FaceBook. RAM allocation needs to be fixed. thankfully the new N4G works pretty well... as i'm using it now.

having said that, it's a good thing for Opera devs.

Akagi2649d ago

I hope so, because streaming porn in HD is hell.

Vherostar2649d ago

Opera on PS3 would be amazing as its an actual decent browser.

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Tailor-DKS2649d ago

i really hope for a new ps3 browser..

R2D22649d ago

Please be a new browser!!!!!!!!!!1

iamgoatman2649d ago

Chrome is basically a lighter version of Opera anyway, and I'd expect you'd want the browser with the most standard features.

digitalivan2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

On a console, you want the most light and fastest browser out there, therefore Chrome is the best one.

MisterAV2649d ago

Chrome isn't lighter. It's Opera that has more features without adding anything and very fast and stable.

And on mobiles Opera Mobile is the best browser, and if yours isn't a smartphone use Opera Mini java based.

Baka-akaB2649d ago

why firefox ? It's great but is always plagued with memory leaks and issues .

it's the last thing i'd add on any console

Sarcasm2649d ago

Firefox 4 beta 9 kicks ass on my computer. Everything loads almost instantly and seeing all the flash content running 60fps is great. But yes I agree, it does have some odd problems here and there.

Baka-akaB2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Lol at the disagrees . Firefox have memory leak issues that are acknowledged by its dev .

It's manageable on pc , but would be hell for any console given their lower amounts of ram .


yeah was struggling with the idea of switching from it to chrome . But then the beta 9 arrived and gave it a much needed speed boost .

Only thing that'd make me switch to Chrome now would be proper addons support . That's at least many months away

iamgoatman2649d ago

Firefox is pretty basic on it's own, it's the addons that make it a popular choice, and the question would be whether you'd be able to use those addons on a TV based browser, which I can't see happening.

dragonknight42649d ago

This is obviously the talk of someone who has never used Opera. Try Opera yourself and you'll know why it's so awesome.

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