Great-looking 'Heavenly Sword' comes up short

MSNBC contributor Ken Smith writes:

If Sony's "Heavenly Sword" were a film, it would be great entertainment. It has compelling characters, great acting and stunning visuals that utilize all the muscle the PlayStation 3 can muster. But as a video game, "Heavenly Sword" falls a bit short...

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PS360WII3811d ago

Kind of agree. It's a great movie for sure though the game is short. Took me Saturday to beat it, but I'm still a ways from getting 3 stars in every level so plenty of unlockables still. It does seem that they spent more time on the movie aspect of it though the battle engine is awesome. I'm not sure why this guy doesn't like the 3 stance thing it works well and helps you from getting into the button mashing theme, but to each his own.

Feihc Retsam3811d ago

I agree that the game is short, and that the cinematic presentation and graphics are more revolutionary than any of the gameplay elements, but, it does what it set out to do, and it does it well.
This game wasn't designed to innovate on the genre. It's a fun hack & slash game that features stunning in-game visuals and has a great set of cinematic sequences to propel the story along.
It's not as deep as many action/adventure games or RPGs, but you can't compare an Action/Fighting game to other genres, it's just not fair.

I bought the game, and I would recommend that every PS3 owner at LEAST rent the game, you'd be foolish not to.
It's one of those games you pull out and can show off to guests. Its fun, pretty, and plays very well.

Real Gambler3811d ago

This is MSN.COM!!! Microsoft Network very own people doing review of the PS3 games!... Sure enough, they cannot say they like the game, it's MSN.COM!!!! But it means that they are buying PS3s since they are reviewing the games, so I guess they have nothing to do with their 360 until Halo comes out, so they are now playing on the best console: THE PS3.... They most be bored to death if they have to buy the other console no???? I'm wondering if Sony will start reviewing 360's games soon??? LOL

Lightning Mr Bubbles3811d ago

The movie is good and I feel more involved in it because I'm doing not just watching.

It's just depends where you stand on what a game should be. Some say it's too short and lacks gameplay, others say it's a wonderful experience because of the story and production values.

PS360WII3811d ago

oh yeah I've never been that into a game before cuz I don't think anyone made a game with that much of a movie quality production. It really was well done.

SubZero3811d ago

I hate when games are too short. But when they are this well done it's hard for me to complain this game is excellent.

nasim3811d ago

HS is the best looking game out there.

HS is pounding EU sales charts at the moment.

HS makes all x360 games look like genuine wii games.

MSNBC is affiliated with Microsoft.

why is this thread even approved??????????

Lightning Mr Bubbles3811d ago

That guy who comes out as the main villain. Didn't he comes out in a movie? Have you guys seen the movie "13 going on 30"? The gay boss of Jennifer Gardner. He looks a lot like that dude. It's funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.