Is Halo 3 the Star Wars for the video game generation?

For a generation of video game fans, the Halo series represents their own big-budget blockbuster; chock full of great special effects, heroic protagonists, and enough hype to catch the attention of the entire entertainment industry in the same way Star Wars did over thirty years ago.

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SmokeyMcBear3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

that statement is blasphemy ... well maybe Star Wars, the phantom menace.. but thats about it.

Firewire3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Umm, the Star Wars games of last gen & this gen are the Star Wars of this gen in gaming not Halo. Why does Halo try to make itself something it clearly isn't. Halo is Halo isn't that good enough!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Star Wars was Epic for it's time, it was like I said The Godfather but family friendly. These kinds of epics teach people about life. If they are looking for the Star Wars of video games, it possibly exists but it's not Halo, not even close. It's Final Fantasy.

Still, Final Fantasy isn't all Sci Fi, and I personally believe that Final Fantasy is head and shoulders better than Star Wars. So I don't even like to compare it.

i Shank u3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

whats the biggest trilogy in sci-fi movies?
most would answer star wars
whats the biggest sci-fi trilogy in gaming? most would answer halo.
both are huge money making blockbusters.
tho in detail and substance the two obviously aren't the same, they both have the biggest hype machines in their respective fields, they both have set records for sales, both are sci-fi epic wars, etc. it's easy to see how the comparison was made.
Damn some of you people have thick heads {*____________*}

PS360WII3903d ago

I agree with you Smokey. Halo is good but don't be calling it the same as Star Wars.

SubZero3903d ago

lol i was just talking to my friend about this. Halo's advertisement tactics are much like Lucast Art.... Just open you legs for a wad of cash!

snoop_dizzle3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

they must mean the newer trilogy. The original trilogy is just classic. (Ep 3 was ok but mostly becasue it just linked the story together) I cant wait till it comes out on a hd format.

I digress though.

I pray halo 3 is more like halo 1. Even if it has repetitive rooms which for some reason didn't bother me at all. If halo 2 and upcomnig halo 3 were/are as good as th first, maybe.

As for popularity amongst people well halo is one of the top well known games. I have a lot of my friends are non gamer friends and know what halo is.

Mr PS33903d ago

Can anyone compare Halo to Star Wars i mean even you blind fools who jerk off at the thought of halo 3 can't compair halo to star wars its like compairing Sh1t to Sugar

BloodySinner3903d ago

Say goodbye to Mr. Bubble, troll!

Mr PS33903d ago Show
BloodySinner3902d ago

Ignoring me won't solve your personal problems, unfortunately. I have other plans for you... Hehehehe. :-)

Kyur4ThePain3902d ago

The next time you make a comment in anything other than a 360 thread, you can say goodbye to a bubble too.
You're an idiot.

nasim3902d ago

HALO 3 looks like a genuine cartoon game against Heavenly Sword and it has 0 pre orders in JAPAN and EU.

In those 2 territories x360 is already dead.

How come it becomes the STAR WARS when no one likes it except the midless BOTS

BloodySinner3902d ago

You have already lost yours for that lame comment. Ciao.

i Shank u3902d ago

you act like a mindless bot more then anyone on this site. you even comment like one, repeating the exact same things. its funny how often people are the very thing they b1tch about.

@ kyur4thepain - i doubt bloodysinner goes around ps3 threads spreading FUD like that guy did. and then you call sinner the idiot? wow, way to tell us what you are

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