Call Of Duty 4 In Final Stages Of Development

Fourzerotwo community manager for Call Of Duty 4 has the official build of the game now on his gamercard, with most achievements unlocked with in a matter of days it seems this game could be on its way to gold (finished) or very close.

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FreeMonk3932d ago

I like the fact as well that all the achievements are for Single Player, and not Multiplayer.

I don't mind multiplayer achievements, but I hate the fact that other than Gears and Halo, not many people play Ranked Games which a lot of MP achievements are for.

Try getting a Ranked Game of COD3 or Stranglehold! It's a nightmare!

iNcRiMiNaTi3932d ago

except the whinny little kids who scream every 5 seconds when they die...

antonius863932d ago

they have a month of spare time to tweak the game and/or look for bugs and glitches.

i don't think it's possible for infinityward to release the game a little earlier than november 5th.

sovietsoldier3932d ago

dont be so sure, sierra and massive just released world in conflict ahead of when it was to . they may stay with release for nov but if they want it could be as soon a mid oct.

Covenant3932d ago

The Beta ROCKS!

This may be the only game that will be able to compete with Halo 3 for online gamers.

Chris_GTR13932d ago

why is there no MP achievements on the list?