Patcher: "Halo 3 to boost Xbox 360 sales to 400K"

Punch Jump writes: "An analyst this week told USA Today that the release of Halo 3 will boost Xbox 360 U.S. sales to about 400,000 units in Sept.
Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, predicts an increase of 130,000 Xbox 360 units from Aug. U.S. sales due to the impact of Halo 3.
The final chapter in the Halo trilogy will be released to U.S. retail on Sept. 25".

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Raiyel3870d ago

do people actually still listen to this clown?

secondly, why is this approved???? the headline might as well be "Some guy say's Halo will sell a lot of xbox 360's"

okay, from now on... let's just make sure no one listens to this dude, and that way - none of this bull gets approved.. who's with me?

Feihc Retsam3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

But, the guy does have a pretty good history of market analysis, so I can't be too mad that the story is considered "newsworthy". Bu I am a bit tired of all of these opinion stories coming out as if it was straight from the mouth of god.
I feel like just about anyone can write a prediction or opinion story, and be considered a "reliable source" if their uncle's brother-in-law happens to clean toilets at the SCEA office, or the MICROSOFT campus, people will endorse the article.
There may need to be a new category tab added to the top of N4G labeled "Some guy's opinion"

Now, as for the number prediction, that's really hard to say. It's brave to make such a prediction, but I think he was pretty safe with that number since the Xbox360 has been around 300k units per month already...

You never know, the Xbox360 has been selling well, and MAYBE, by chance, HALO 3 wouldn't create as big of a hardware sales surge as people think... But it is HALO, so for me, all bets are off, it's got potential to make history

PS360PCROCKS3870d ago

if your comment is worthy of posting, than so is his's opinion, you don't have to believe it, but it's valid. Plus this is the things that fuel interesting debates, well when people don't flame

Sylo3870d ago

Does that mean that someone should post a news story on N4G about the comment Raiyel made on a forum?

Dannagar3870d ago

Microsoft will sell out of the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 which is 200k on top of boosted sales due to Halo 3. Probably closer to 600k for the Month.

PS360WII3870d ago

that is true. Most deffinatly all of the Halo 360's will sell and whatever they usually sell for a month can be added onto it. 400k could be just a lowball number

DrRage773870d ago

i am a HUGE microsoft fan, and have been ever since i got the original xbox, and then my 360. but i honestly do not think that the Halo3 special edition of the xbox360 is going to sell well at all. the consoles were relased on sunday, and i went to bestbuy sunday night and they had a pile of 32 sitting there. today i went to a bestbuy close to my work during lunch, and they had 42 sitting there. granted, they could be replenishing them as soon as a few get bought, but it just doesn't seem to me like it will be a great seller. i haven't seen one person looking at the box, much less buying it. i did see a few people buying the elites today, but no one was near the Halo3 special editions.

i think microsoft is trying to milk the halo cow a little too much wit this special edition 360, but that's just my opinion. i know there are people out there that want it, and will buy it. but for me personally, i don't like the colors, and see no reason to spend an extra $50 for a paint job

Dannagar3870d ago

Most GameStops (at least in town) are already sold out of the Xbox 360 Halo Edition.

FadeToBlack3870d ago

400,000 Im sure it will be more than that.

SuperSaiyan43870d ago

All diehard fans will purchase the HALO 3 Xbox 360 then you will have those that see all the hype on HALO 3 and perhaps get an Xbox 360 as well not to mention perhaps for lan parties etc and well its HALO 3!!

I reckon it will sell way more but add that to the rest of the world I reckon at least a 2million increase in sales.

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