CVG Previews PGR4

"The devil's in the detail," says Talbert, leading CVG to a curtained-off corner of Bizarre's Liverpool home, filled with Xbox 360s running 4. "Anyone can make a good looking game but the top games blow people away by being super-realistic, adding things them gamers didn't expect and surprising them."

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Feihc Retsam3716d ago

But... I did love PGR3...
The customization in Forza is AWESOME... and... it sucks...
hear me out.
In Forza 2, if you're just not as capable of tuning a car and you go to play online, you will get smoked.
Even if you just want to hop on and race in a car that you souped up in your career mode, chances are someone online will clean the track with your a55 because they've taken lots of time to tweak their specific car for that track.

In PGR, having the cars' performance unchangeable is nice because you can hop online, and not worry about anyone having a vehicle advantage, and just chalk up the results to operator skill....

This game is going to kick a55

BloodySinner3716d ago

Then why don't you tweak your car as well to compete on their level?

level 3603716d ago

Very true Feihc Retsam - masteR chieF. The modding/personalisation feature in Forza2 is very impressive, it's just that it took away the fun in the racing bit.
And w/out in-car camera viewpoint, it kinda sucks in bringing an extra sense of realism. Really boring when your're just looking at the road all the time, or " not real " if your in 3rd person view - like your racing remote cars.
Really don't consider this as simulation but still a very good racing game - and quite hard...
I believe that I'd have more time enjoying playing PGR4 for a very long hours ( which is more rewarding and it does'nt really matter if the game's a mix of arcade/simultaion as long as you get a lot of fun out of playing it... ) once it comes-out. Just hop in and go - and definitely view it from the dashboard angle.