Rumour: Sony to reinvent the joypad?

Forget rumble, Sony has other plans in mind it appears. After a little digging, Gamesradar have uncovered info suggesting that Sony isn't limiting itself to mere rumbling. It has bigger ideas to work on. Thanks to the wonderful public database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Gamesradar have located an intriguing document filed by Sony back in September 2006. Buried within the interminable bureaucratic wordage are two high-potential projects: Voice-active consoles and pressure-sensitive buttons.

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skynidas3743d ago

interesting but i think the dualshock 3 is more likely to appear on tgs

Retro-Virus3743d ago

Did anyone notice the PS-4 tab in the drawing ?


Are they already working on ideas for the PS-4 ??

Rama262853743d ago

I wouldn't be surprised. These big companies need to be pro-active and always planning for the future. How long did it take to make the PS3? I'm sure it took many many years....

Douche3743d ago

That is insane. This is something I was trying to figure out. I reminisced at times with others of how the future games would have us being in the game. In this case, our bodies in complete control of the actions we make in a game. The idea of a mat you stand on was something I thought about but couldn't see how this could work. For instance, how would you travel the vast distances in a game with simply a mat. I immediately noticed the PS4 box connecting everything together and jumped in my seat. This is obviously something Ken Kutaragi is affiliated with envisioning/creating. Thank God for him. This is amazing. And with PS3's 10 year cycle, technology such as this all going into the PS4 over time is overwhelming. I can understand the idea of a voice recognizing software to go hand-in-hand with the system. You'd have the ease of turning your system on, controllers, games, everything with just the sound of a voice. And with that, the developers would surely implement this into games of the future. Such as shooters. I could see myself playing a shooter such as Rainbow Six or even Killzone (couldn't imagine how awesome Killzone would look like then) and telling my computer-controlled teammates to get to cover. Maybe there would be a list of commands such as the one just mentioned which you can say in the shooter after allowing the system/game to recognize your voice. There is so much to talk about and wonder about relating to stuff like this and I could go on and on. Now that I've realized that this is simply a comment section of a news article, I think I'll end it here and see what you guys have in mind relating to this. Whew, I'm wired now.

ohnoTheRancor3743d ago

I really don’t see how this is these "future games" you describe are novel. Nintendo already released a pressure-sensitive pad - the "Power Pad"... in 1989! Also, Sony already has games that use voice-commands to instruct NPCs - namely, the first SOCOM.

iNcRiMiNaTi3743d ago

then theyre really thinking ahead...maybe its to stop problems from happening when they launch a new console...ps3 is supposed to be a 10 year investment like sony said and if theyre already working on the ps4 its probably design wise and accessories only for now and nothing with the technical side..

QuackPot3743d ago

Unlikely Sony will allow Microsoft a years headstart again without competition.

I'm hoping that they have a simple multi-celled(with huge RAM and next gen controller) PS4 as a quick fix solution if Microoft does choose to release an xbox 720 within next 4-5 years - instead of developing all new CPU/GPUs.

A muli-celled PS4 with huge RAM would be one monster of a machine and relatively cheap to develop.

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toughNAME3743d ago

Sony needs to fix the PS3 controller FIRST

AllroundGamer3743d ago

at least they can fix something, unlike the RROD feature of xbox...

Relientk773743d ago

i wonder what this is all about

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