World's first Killzone 3 review

Biggest selling Polish video game magazine CD Action published world's first Killzone 3 review.

+ one of the most beautiful games in the world
+ well-balanced, varied campaign
+ high difficulty level
+ Move and Sharp Shooter play

- series deserved deeper and better protagonists
- minor technical difficulties

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Raf1k12466d ago

I'm glad they didn't put it down for high difficulty like some others would.

Echo3072466d ago

Agreed, I like a challenge. But, er, this game is like 5 weeks from launching...

There's already review copies out and embargo's have been lifted?

Smells a little fishy. Plus, this can only be a SP review... right?

Raf1k12466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I doubt the embargo has been lifted. These days there isn't much need to buy magazines since you can get all the previews, reviews etc. free on the net. Getting special permission to release early reviews is one of the ways magazines get people to keep buying them.

Having said that 5 weeks before launch is a bit early.

AAACE52466d ago


This is an effort to build up lots of hype for the game. Look at it as cheap marketing!

KZ 3 will be a great title, but you better believe they want this game to sell millions more than KZ 2, so they are building hype for it now in order to get word of mouth to do the rest of the work.

I imagine they have some kind of OMG commercial in the works. I hope they don't use Kevin Butler for it. To me, he only helps at promoting games that people would normally look past. KZ 3 doesn't need that, it has everything going for it!

csreynolds2466d ago

It is fishy. I guarantee it's been written based on the beta, not the final product - I should know. My Sony contact has informed me that review copies are in no way ready to be distributed yet.

Perkel2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

CD-ACTION is real deal. They offen have world first reviews.

@ csreynolds

nope it's real

krisq2466d ago

is a print magazine. It's probably a leak of the score.

Boody-Bandit2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Kevin Butler is far and away the best marketing tool in gaming as far as commercials go. I honestly can't think of a single one with KB in it that I didn't enjoy. "Most" people in the industry love him. Did you see the reaction to him at E3 2010? He received more applause than any announcements or unveilings from anyone during E3.

pxpxp2466d ago

This is an outRAAAGGGGEEE!!!!

Cant wait to play it!!!

TheLastGuardian2466d ago

You would've gotten alot more agrees if you would've just left your opinion on Kevin Butler out of your comment. Everything else you said, I agree with.

I can't wait for Killzone 3.

Washington-Capitals2466d ago

Nothing about the control feel? Im interested in know what people will say about those "reported" changes.

Ethereal2466d ago


Kevin Butler is single handedly the best marketing promoter I have even seen. Not to mention it was probably the best move that Sony could make after years of really obscure commercials. The more KB the better in my opinion. As for KZ3 it's going to rock.

darthv722466d ago

i thought the game is coming out in mid feb or march. Is this a legit review? We should expect more today then if reviews are coming in.

finbars752466d ago

This isnt even a full review.Read the bottom of the review and says hes writing the full review for the game now.Its only the Single player no MP so expect the review to be higher when they fully play the game.So technically this is a just a half ass review not a real one.Good job on the worlds first review.

IcarusOne2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

"Kevin Butler is far and away the best marketing tool in gaming."

Tool being the operative word. This guy embodies everything that is pompous and pretentious about the brand. Sony doesn't make great games. Their devs do.

on topic: very excited for KZ3, in all it's 3D HD glory.

ExplosionSauce2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Unless the devs are actually Sony. Like Sony Santa Monica or Team Ico, etc.

TheDeadMetalhead2465d ago

Reviewers actually complained that Killzone 2 was too hard?


badz1492465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

"Sony doesn't make great games. Their devs do"

do you know how ridiculously you sound with that statement? what's next? Sony doesn't make the PS3, their engineers do?


on the hardest difficulty, it's kinda hard, no denying that! It's actually very hard for average gamer.

IcarusOne2465d ago

Sorry badz, but when Butler shows up on my tv and takes credit for all the joy I find in GT5 (i.e., it was his idea to add 1000+ cars, weather, day/night, etc.) with no mention of PD, I find that annoying, offensive, and degrading to the devs.

I'm not saying Sony is bad to their devs - clearly they're not, but the Butler add campaign drives me nuts. If I weren't already a PS3 owner, he might actually drive me away from the console.

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hennessey862466d ago

for this game im getting it regardless its going to be amazing

pixelsword2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I must admit, if this game scored low, it would be from places like Destructoid, IGN and the like... and they would all be doing it for the hits; and I wouldn't care.

Heck, I got Lair after scores of bad reviews because I could see through the garbage reviews, and I enjoyed the game so much that it's in my top 5 of action games that came out this gen (Gears, Resistance , Crysis, Lair, Halo) Kilzone 2 is just outside of the top 5 only because the story was a little thin in respect to the other games, but I think Killzone 3 will bump one of them off..

trancefreak2465d ago

Fuk It I bought haze lol still have it! People still play the mp I was shocked.

Op242466d ago

Are you kidding? He's done a commercial for just about every game that will sell. Uncharted 2, LittleBigPlanet2, GT5? You can probably bet on him doing a commercial for Killzone3

MNicholas2466d ago

Review Killzone 3 in the new issue of CD Action suggests that the developer did not disappoint - the game got a score of 9 / 10. Score relatively safe, given that the author states in leadzie that "the third outing trumps almost everything in recent years has emerged in the shooter genre with a view of first-person perspective. "

The fact that the game is "a class prettier than all console FPS" it is difficult to disagree. The multiplayer mode is "absolutely the prettiest multiplayer of all time. " From the review, we learn also that the Killzone 3 is better balanced and more diversified in terms of gameplay.

Killzone 3 got a 10 for graphics, audio and 8 for 9 for gameplay. And another excerpt from oceniaczki:


+ one of the most beautiful game world

+ well-balanced, varied campaign

+ High level of difficulty

+ game on the Move and Sharp Shooter


- series deserves a deeper body shape characters

- minor technical mistakes

In a word - Killzone 3 is unlikely to disappoint. Full review course in writing.

Cloudberry2466d ago


Wonder why did the audio section got an 8...

The music?

Voice acting?

Sound effects?

BABY-JEDI2466d ago

@ Cloudberry
maybe the reviewer is deaf.. Just a thought LoL
No offence to deaf people

dgonza402465d ago

"series deserves a deeper and better protagonist"?
this isnt from the top of the page, but that sounds like a bs con to the game.

Bits-N-Kibbles2465d ago

I'm going to report you for making fun of deaf people.! Haha just joking.

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elpresador2466d ago

Who will no doubt bitch thatcit did not get a perfect 10 like they did withpart 2. Kz2 and uc2 are prob the only games where if anyone dared to give less than a perfect they wwere biased.

U know they are waiting to strike

nycredude2466d ago

get ready for the fanboys...
Who no doubt have nothing to contribute to the thread and is completely off topic. They come on n4g whine about fanboys in a thread about a game they don't care about...

Oh wait... too late. They already struck.

m23452466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

the only fanboy in this article is you. stop trying to stir up trouble.

ironmonkey2466d ago

yea but neither did any other amazing games like halo or gears or even uncharted. sure they got 10's but not from everyone. 9,8 or even 7.5 is perfect to me.

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egidem2466d ago

Killzone 2 was/is one of the the most difficult games to beat on the hardest difficulty. It's good to see this one get tough as well. I like a challenge. Sony's ball of exclusives is rolling!

talltony2466d ago

"The third edition triumph over almost anything and in recent years has emerged in the shooter genre with a view to first-person perspective." The fact that the game is "the most beautiful class of all console FPS" it is difficult to disagree. The multiplayer mode is "absolutely the best multiplayer of all time" From the review, we also learn that in the third Killzone is more balanced and more diversified in terms of gameplay."


likedamaster2466d ago


I'm supposed to like this game right? Guess I'll have to reserve... wait, I thought I heard someone say it's Killzone 2 with jetpacks & snow?!! Nevermind. I'll hold off on this.

Chromer2466d ago


I'm supposed to like your comment right? Guess I'll have to bubble you... wait, I thought this post was actually supposed to show intelligence?!! Never mind. I'll hold off on giving you anything.

showtimefolks2466d ago

KZ3 i have been waiting for since i played the heck out of Z2. i was one of the few who loved the old controls and online WARZONE was something fresh and fun to play

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KiLLUMiNATi_892466d ago

Good review and can't wait to try it, This game will be epic......

worldgames2466d ago

Isn't it a bit early for kz3 reviews??

ngecenk2466d ago

just as i predict, protagonist has shallow background. all focus to helghast... i guess GG dont get my message :(

worldgames2466d ago

I guess you forgot to buy a ps3 from march 2009 up till now.

Karooo2466d ago

holy shit mandatory install how many accs do you have

Rage_S902466d ago

lol karoo troll killer +1

Ultraplayerxp2466d ago

Shallow backgrounds eh? that ain't no prob for me. . I'm rooting for the Helghast. The more screen time they get the happier I am. Kill all ISA scum!

TBM2466d ago

Lol funny you should say that as I have something similar as my PSN motto, and the helghast as my avatar.

After reading backstory of the series i'm started to root for them too, but we all know they can't win because they have to make then look like their pure evil.

I would be shocked as hell if GG made ISA lose in this game. Man I can't wait.

Nicaragua2466d ago

I think the protagonists background is as fleshed out as it needs to be - he's a soldier in a war.

Halo CE - soldier in war
Half Life - scientist in a lab

Sometimes thats all you need to know.

Back stories do not make great games but if it makes you feel any better then Sev is fighting the Helghast because his daddy left his mom for a helghast chick who was Sevs girlfriend at the time.

ngecenk2466d ago

like it or not background story motivates player to play the game. the reason like why are they invade helghan, why sev willing to survive that much, why dont he gave up, is important. the only thing i got from kz2 is sev just another army trying to finish his contract and get the hell out of there. even rico has more believe in his fight.

i feel a lot more connection to the helghast, it has the unique felling, characteristic , and somehow with more justifiable reason to defend their homeland (if you read kz history).

R2D22466d ago

Rico's story is that he has a [email protected] stuck up his @ss and needs to locate the helghan remover to take it out.

Op242466d ago

Maybe Homefront will do a better job creating a backstory for the main character.

ngecenk2466d ago

they have 360s exclusive dlc. dyou really think they will focus much on ps3? remember bo? :D

thanks but no thanks :D i'll stick to kz!

pain777pas2466d ago

Sev and Garza did ok and it was a war so... you can't really do much. They needed more from a female perspective like RE1 or Cortana from Halo. It subtly motivates us for some reason and they are sidekicks or voice overs or whatever. Make us want to protect something or someone personally.

Vherostar2466d ago

I was thinking the same thing don't need a main protaganist but the fact they are picking this out means they had to scrape the barrel for negative points. Meaning its going to be up there for GOTY

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NeoBasch2466d ago

I'm surprised people care now. How 'bout back when Mass Effect 2 first came out? The story is a shadow of it's former self and completely ridiculous. The reasons behind joining Cerberus are bogus. The Lazarus Project is deus ex machina in disguise (I think it's rather obvious, but apparently everyone missed this). The mission makes no sense given the ending of Mass Effect 1. And most of the reveals/plot twists were completely pointless. ME2 was a trainwreck.

How come no one ever told me about this?

Case and point, if it delivers an amazing experience, why does it matter?

Thoreau2465d ago

thank you neobasch. i bought me2 for the 360., beat it and thought......this game is ok. maybe an 8 but not a 9.

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