GamePro Feature: How to tell if you're a Halo junkie

A week prior to the third and final game's release, GamePro examines 20 signs for determining if you're a Halo addict. Believe.

Warning: May be offensive if you're a Halo junkie.

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Daz3805d ago

1)u got everthing with halo on it lol including wallpaper if there is such a product lol.
2) spend you live time on it and dont play any other game, noe that a halo junkie lol

Covenant3805d ago

Guilty of a few of those...but I refuse to buy the Halo 3 360. It's ugly.

And not offended. Most of this is intended to be in good fun, a little tweak to the nose of us Halo fans.

Jack Bauer3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

that sounds like it was written by a sony fanboy... (oh just saw who wrote it...ive regrettably read his past work...he is)

the halo books are awesome...that person is an idiot, he prolly didn't even read em.

i Shank u3805d ago

halo books fill in and add a ton to the story, hes a hater

i Shank u3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

wow. as a self-professed halo addict, i dont do anything on that list. what am i, a halo-addict wannabe? ahhhhhhh
they forget to say "if you played the beta and still daydream about lasering stupid man-cannoners youre a halo addict"
also, for my birthday i had my girlfriend dress up like cortana and her friend as the arbiter. then i plugged all of their "halo's" :)

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