Blaze's New PS3 Move Gun

Blaze have today announced a fun new accessory for all PS3 move gunslingers.

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thereapersson2586d ago

It's like something out of a 1950's sci-fi movie

Bandrik2586d ago

Haha, yeah. All it needs are those floating circles/loops/antenna things you always see on those ray guns. Just think of anything from The Jetsons and you get the idea.

In summation: PEW PEW LAZERZ

HeavenlySnipes2586d ago

because we really need yours.

the8BIT2586d ago

can they release an RPG-7?

itsralf2586d ago

These gun accessories are so stupid.
Can't be used with any games really except Time Crisis.
RE5 doesn't use the trigger to shoot.
MAG reguires nav controller, pain in the ass to reach up on top of the gun with one finger to press the crouch button...

Bozzio2585d ago

Can't I just duck tape my controller to my glock?