Dead Space 2's Music is Insane, Literally

To make the wait hurt that much more, we at Hell Descent have been listening to the official soundtrack of Dead Space 2 to get ourselves pumped up. At just around an hour in length, there are notable differences between Dead Space 2‘s music and the first Dead Space‘s music. What are those differences, and are they good? Hit the jump to find out.

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schlanz2588d ago

Nice. Music is ever so important when it comes to horror/survival games.

BldyShdw2588d ago

Very true, that was a big part of what made the first Dead Space so great.

Omar912588d ago

agreed. the music sets the atmosphere in the game. and dead space does a very good job in that.

Rampaged Death2588d ago

The creepy nursery rhymes in DS1 was great.

Quagmire2588d ago

Twinkle twinkle little star...

peowpeow2588d ago

Got me to stop playing for a bit :)

VenomProject2588d ago

Good thing I bought the collector's edition, it comes with the full soundtrack from Dead Space 2.

Jason Graves is awesome.