Kikizo VF5 (360) Interview - No Plans To Patch PS3 Version

Kikizo talks to SEGA AM2's Tohru Murayama, Hitoshi Iizawa & Nobuyuki Minato for the most extensive discussion on the online-enabled Xbox 360 version of VF5.

Kikizo: The online play works better than we expected based on what we have played. We have looked into the technical difficulties with this - latency and server response - and are interested in how you have achieved a high standard.

Murayama: First, you should know that you have experienced online play in the game under the best of the best circumstances! But it is a realistic online circumstance, that you will be able to experience, if you buy the Xbox 360 version when it is released. If you play with friends living close to you for example in your city, you will get an experience like this. As to how to achieve this good online circumstance, it is because of AM's effort, but you know we just can't really share the details too much.

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Azures3898d ago

yawn. where is my Soul Calibur IV?

Marty83703898d ago

Soul Calibur IV is Namco not Sega.

Azures3898d ago

i know lol. but vf5 is old news already, beat the hell out of that game.

JIN KAZAMA3898d ago

I am having fun playing tekken DR online. Thats a better game anyways.

TheMART3898d ago

We wouldn't expect you Jin, to say anything different. It's because:

1. You are a Sony fanboy
2. If the VF5 version for the PS3 would be patched, you would shout major pwonage
3. VF5 is known as the best fighter game around by many
4. Tekken footage/screenshots looked pretty sh!tty
5. The 360 gets the better version of VF5, arcade C version + online. A former PS exclusive better on the XBOX 360. Ouch. We know it hurts

Azures3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

you're really becoming less creative with you 360 rhetoric u know that? guess you can't teach an old xbot new tricks.

yea, former ps3 game better on the xbox lol...ill take Ninja Gaiden Sigma for VF5, seems like we're winning on that trade. Can't wait for our version of Ninja Gaiden 2 to be better also.

Mwaan3898d ago

Will your head explode when Tekken 6 comes to 360?

goodganja3898d ago

Yeah. Who needs Virtua Fighter when Tekken is the much superior product. Sega knew they had no fighting game competition on 360 so they decided to add special features. Tekken outsold virtua fighter 6:1 on the PS2 anyways.

gnothe13898d ago

it goes deeper than just a PATCH!! sega would have to set up a server farm, probably of PS3 like warhawk, then release a patch that would allow users to log into those servers. now unless sony GIVES sega all the Ps3's needed to run the servers, I dont think there gonna front that bill on their on, considering the low sales rate of the game anyway!!

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The story is too old to be commented.