Sony lines up giant Spider-Man 3 campaign - Blu-ray's Saviour?

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and its promotional partners will spin one of the industry's largest marketing webs for the Oct. 30 release of Spider-Man 3 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, including an unusually high commitment to digital marketing and cross-promotion with high-def hardware. "Spider-Man 3 is the top grossing film of 2007, and the campaign will reflect its importance," said Lexine Wong, SPHE senior executive VP of worldwide marketing. The Spider-Man 3 release also is being incorporated into Sony Electronics' "HDNA" ad campaign for its high-definition products. The film is featured in national outdoor and newspaper advertising, both on TV screens and with specific promotion of the title on Blu-ray disc.

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Chris3993902d ago

And the console war just got a lot more interesting. Competition like this is healthy for the industry. All the giants trying to one-up each other. Can only imagine what TGS and 2008 will bring.


ArduousAndy3902d ago

if sony really wanted to push blu-ray. The best way for them to win would be for this movie to be blu-ray only. It would then force people to start picking up blu-ray players.

Same goes to HD-dvd if they really wanted to win so baddly they would release all Hd-dvd's as Combo discs only. And stop making dvds.

ReBurn3902d ago

This movie won't be enough to force people to buy Blu-Ray. Sony would be cutting of a foot as far as revenue is concerned if this movie is not released on DVD.

Azures3902d ago

aaanddy. you guys still got Ratchet & Clank demos at ur store for the reserves?

okcomputer3901d ago

They'd have to be absolute idiots to make it blu ray only. Thats one of the dumbest ideas i've ever heard. The vast majority of the general public owns dvd players and won't have hd-dv or blue ray players for quite some time. I'd be willing to bet over 50% of americans don't even know what blu ray is right now. They'd lose a TON a money on the dvd end, which is where about 90% of their sales will come from. Its enough that its blue ray exclusive for high def.

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Syko3902d ago

Blu-ray's Saviour?, Oh no I just sold my HD-DVD player because I heard it was dead. Now Blu-ray is dying! J/K

It seems like this little disc skirmish has no end in the foreseeable future. It's getting annoying, in fact it's been annoying for some time now.

nasim3902d ago

this margin will become wider and wider


Foliage3902d ago

What does blu-ray need saving from? Are they lonely at the top?

THE_JUDGE3902d ago

Sony and the BDA haven't even brought out their big guns for the year yet. How can you need saving if your number one? Maybe saving them from drowning in the cash from being the number one in HD.

Rooted_Dust3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Firstly I don't think Blu-Ray needs a savior. In any article it's agreed that Blu-Ray is either doing just as well or better than HD-DVD. Secondly I would never choose Spider Man 3 as the "Savior" or anything. That movie was awful and one of the worst movies I saw all year. This has been the year of the lackluster Three-quel. They completely destroyed any coolness Venom may have had by casting sissy boy Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, and equally destroyed Spider-man with his silly/stupid "Emo" dark side. If anyone needs a savior it's HD-DVD, and they better be praying that Transformers can level the playing field.

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The story is too old to be commented.