iPod touch: An indepth review

Appleinsider recently reviewed the latest Apple product: the iPod touch.

Appleinsider states the the iPod touch is "an amazingly thin and sexy new media playing, web browsing, photo viewing, widescreen, multi-touch member of the iPod family that simply changes the game in handheld media players."

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Time Lord3902d ago

on the subject, who would want the touch ipod when you can get iphone with more feature for almost same price?

Mr Murda3902d ago

1. Gaming website with a specific section for "tech".

2. Anyone who doesn't want to sign a gay ass contract with AT&T.


mirroredderorrim3902d ago

The price is a bit too much. It's only high in price because of the touch sensing tech in the machine.

In anycase, this standalone media device, once the price comes down is what should be known as the Zune killer. Zune won't go away anytime soon, but as long as the Ipod brand exists it'll be hard to make a profit.

Silvia0073902d ago

I'll stick with the PSP Slim.