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Submitted by cb4g 1776d ago | news

Sony To Offer Free Monthly Updates Instead of Paid DLC for DCUO

President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley said that if you decide to play DC Universe Online, you won't have to worry about any additional costs besides your regular monthly fee. (DC Universe Online, PC, PS3, Sony)

Myst  +   1776d ago
I see Sony is making all the right moves as of late for this game. May have to pick this up as I did enjoy the beta..
Commander_TK  +   1776d ago
I hope u meant "Sony" as in "Sony Online Entertainment", and not "Sony" as in "Sony Computer Entertainment".
MintBerryCrunch  +   1776d ago
and your point is? SOE is owned by Sony Pictures Digital and SCEA
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Jihaad_cpt  +   1776d ago
Well it's all owned by Sony Corporation = Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Sony BMG, Sony Financial Services, Sony Electronics, Sony Ericsson (50%)
Myst  +   1776d ago
The other two have stated it best before I could. Big corporations despite having separate branches are still a part of the bigger one. So either way all due still gets paid to the one.
Ratchet510  +   1776d ago
SONY is all of SONY same shit.
visualb  +   1776d ago
no...He meant Sony, as in "SONY"
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Raoh  +   1776d ago
SOE is now a part of the playstation brand. it, vaio and errickson got merged into one department.
Graphics  +   1776d ago
How is it free when we pay a fee? Thats what mmo subscriptions are for..
Pillage05  +   1776d ago
Games like WOW have paid expansions as well as the monthly fee like the recently released cataclysm. The fee generally goes to server maintenance...general updates to engine/gameplay updates/balancing, and keeping hackers/bots out. I think they're just saying no big paid add-ons. Most likely they'll be putting in more frequent but smaller add-ons. New quests, maybe new areas.
DeadlyFire  +   1775d ago
If you pay a monthly fee why would you want to ever buy DLC on top of that? A waste to pay for such a thing.
30sec  +   1776d ago
It's getting harder and harder to resist this game. The beta was an absolute blast.
DirtyLary  +   1776d ago
Do it. You wont regret it. This game is a fresh reset to the standard mmos.
jut420  +   1776d ago
Couldn't have said it better myself. I've never played an MMO before, but the constant praising of this game is making me want to at least try it out
joydestroy  +   1776d ago
i'm with you dude. each time i see an article about it on n4g, guys are saying it's a lot of fun.
Clarence  +   1776d ago
Pick it up. You want be sorry. Plus the first 30 days are free.
Kewl_Kat  +   1776d ago
You're not helping my wallet!
PostApocalyptic  +   1776d ago
Just remember this, joining a pvp server just expands the action aspect of the game. But be warned, you will get ganked since the pvp is more open and the game forces you to do missions in the same areas as opposing pvp players.

It takes longer to complete missions -- you will die a lot -- so don't get frustrated. But still, it's fun and forces you to learn how to fight. :)

I joined a pvp server for this reason. I should have done the same for WoW four years ago.

For a more casual experience, join a PvE server.
Clarence  +   1776d ago
Thats great information for people to know. PvP makes you feel like your actually in a world were anything came happen. Definitely do PvP if you want a more action pack game experience.
Delive  +   1776d ago
What I'm waiting to see is after the free 30 days, who is going to continue to pay? I'm playing the heck out of it now in hops to Plat it in 30 days. Then if the "FREE" content does not warrant $15 extra dollars, I'll cancel the sub till they go free to play.
Wh15ky  +   1776d ago
Is this game really that good? I mean is it worth £34.99 to buy then £9.99 a month to play? I would hate to see this become the norm.
PirateThom  +   1776d ago
This is the norm for MMOs.
Killzoned  +   1776d ago
When you buy the game, are you given any free days to play before you make your first payments to continue playing. For example 15-30 days trial? that comes along with the game
INehalemEXI  +   1776d ago
first 30 days free
evrfighter  +   1776d ago
thom is right...This has been the norm for years now. I'm kinda surprised by the statement however. Were they considering charging a monthly and paid DLC to top it off?

That is nowhere near the norm. Sony would have failed horribly had they decided to go that route. Just considering it doesn't make them look too good.

an expansion pack and DLC are completely different. An expansion pack can be bought retail and have quite a bit of content not to mention they are usually released every other year after vanilla game launch...go look up what DLC means and try again.

what you're thinking of is a cash shop. To have to pay for a sub and STILL have a cash shop in many pc gamers eyes is considered a rip off. Not the norm.
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sjaakiejj  +   1776d ago

Actually, that is kind of the norm, or did you miss the million expansion packs that have released for World of Warcraft, (or any other big name MMO for that matter)? Those expansion packs are essentially DLC.
Wh15ky  +   1776d ago
I've never played an MMO, are they worth the money? and why are they so expensive?

Thanks for the response Dac2u.
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Dac2u  +   1776d ago
There are now 17 expansions for Everquest, also made by SOE. I expect they'll give away some free DLC, but how long until the first paid expansion?

Depends on what you're willing to pay for, I've never had a problem paying a monthly fee for a game like UO, WoW, Shadowbane, or Everquest. In general, there's enough content to keep you playing for hours every single day for months. Whereas, many games these days give you 5-10 hours at $60 and you're done playing them. It costs a lot to keep a game running plus, most devs are pretty good about adding new content at no additional cost.
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ezcex  +   1776d ago
Are you sure you're not confusing patches with expansions. There have only been 3 expansions for WoW so far. The Burning Crusade, Wrath of The Litch King and Cataclysm. I see 3, not millions. 3 expansions since 2004.
KaiokenKid  +   1776d ago
Good on them.
Killzoned  +   1776d ago
I wanna buy this game but am unsure at the moment, Since the PS3 and PC version aren't really cross platform. I mean which version will have more players?
How many players can fit into a single server?
Kon  +   1776d ago
Choose the PS3 version. We need to have more MMO on consoles.
chidesd  +   1776d ago
Yes Sony is releasing free content updates every month and something bigger every 3 months from what i have read.... BUT they are also going to release payed DLC of some sort hense the Marketplace in the game.
iceman06  +   1776d ago
I heard that was set up for micro-transaction stuff...armor..weapons..etc. For those that aren't patient enough to actually "grind" for it.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1776d ago
If they release a (preferably free) discount monthly subscription if you're a Plus subscriber, then I will jump on board.

So far, DCUO is sold out in almost all the stores around Buffalo.
DirtyLary  +   1776d ago
Ya. I was hoping for a similar deal. I was hoping the lifetime sub let me have an account on both formats, pc and ps3.. ah well.
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BlackTar187  +   1776d ago
game is so much fun. Can't wait to get off work i got some high level instances to do for loot :) Oolong island im looking at you.
Pillage05  +   1776d ago
isn't a year of plus $50...and a year of dcuo would total $180? I remember when people used to think they deserved free monthly fees for being a plus member but seriously...what would be the point of paying for the monthly fee if theyre charging a third of the price for plus and you get all the other perks. The largest discount I could conceive of them allowing would be $4 a month. which would just barely total under the price of a plus sub so highly unlikely.
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Kon  +   1776d ago
Of course. You already pay to play, you would not want to pay for updates too!
acky1   1776d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
NateCole  +   1776d ago
For for PC as well?. If not then purchase for PS3 will be made easier for me now.
maniac76  +   1776d ago
wow,that aw3some news
Dlacy13g  +   1776d ago
Wait...was this ever in question? If I am paying $15 a month for an MMO I think it goes with out saying that any monthly quest updates, etc... would be included automatically? Now if you are talking an expansion like Cataclysm then thats a different story...but monthly tweaks and loot updates should be included as a given. Could you imagine the outrage? Please pay $60 for the game, $15 a month just to play and now $10 more each month we put out some new treasure items and or updates...
silvacrest  +   1776d ago
"looks at world of warcraft"
Elven6  +   1776d ago
World of Warcraft provides free updates as well, only the full on expansion packs cost money.
TheEnigma313  +   1776d ago
I tried to play the beta, but it didn't work. Is this game as good as they say it is?
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Miiikeyyy  +   1776d ago
I've never played an MMO before and i think it was amazing!
Graey  +   1776d ago
It just all depends on your taste.

It's basically you being a superhero. I played the demo, and I"m hoping they added more customization in terms of how you make your character look. I'm sure they have or will.

They seem to be off to a strong start. To answer a question that is stemmed from this article.

I think the way the guy is saying it is:

You have:

The Game: Just the initial thing you buy. The base so to speak.
The Expansions: I won't say they won't have expansions, but maybe episodic type ones..that would be smaller than an expansion but still provide you with decent chunk of content. That way they could release content in a more speedy type manner. So say maybe a city/dungeon with quests every 3-4months or so. Tweaks, equipment, quests...released every other month or so. You know to keep things fresh.

The updates/patches: Say your wizards spells are not working..patches and updates would fix this type of thing.

Cash Shop: Think of it as a market. Its a good way to combat gold rather than go to them for gold you can actually buy gold from sony or buy the item you want with station cash or whatever they will use. Its just a quicker way to get certain items in game. Or rare items. Blizzard does this to a lesser degree.

The game costs 50-60 dollars depending on the platform your buying it on. The reason I think they are not charging or what I got from the article is 1. They are releasing things in a more digestible venue rather than all at once. It kind of gives you something to chew on slow and steadly like, while not starving you for content like the current MMO market in terms of updates. 2. I think you can thank the PS3 for that as most have not played an MMO on a console before so I can see why they are taking this route.

MMo's are very time consuming. So yes paying 14 bones a month is usually worth it but I would say only if you like that type of genre. I'd say try it out, it would have been better if you can try the demo if they still have it. See how it flows with you. I mean usually for MMO's they have a ton of content, usually taking you months if not almost a year to get to the "END GAME" so to speak.

Everquest 2 has a llooooootttt of content, I would say WOW is second to it content wise. So if you can give it a shot if you can borrow a disk or get the demo. Usually they are good about having a place to download the demo so you can try it out before you commit.

I hope that helped. If I messed up anywhere please feel free to correct.

Darkfiber  +   1776d ago
Well I would hope so since it's a subscription based game.
lrn2hate  +   1776d ago
is it 10 bucks a month or 15?
30sec  +   1776d ago
12-Month 134.99
6-Month 77.99
3-Month 41.99
1-Month 14.99
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hassi94  +   1776d ago
Not really, not free monthly content, just content that the price of which is included in your monthly sub. If the game wasn't updated the sub would be like £5/$10 a month instead.
silvacrest  +   1776d ago
server maintenance needs to be paid for as well as in game support from how ever many GMs there are in a typical MMO

im sure there are costs none of us are aware of too
hassi94  +   1774d ago
I know, hence why I said it is part of the sub, not the whole sub.
BigKev45  +   1776d ago
Way too much. But the same people who bash paying for Xbox Live would pay $15 bucks a month to play this game. Please.
Crystallis  +   1776d ago
Theres a difference between paying for an MMO which is a game(This is a great MMO by the way) then paying for xbox live in which you get NO GAME..See the difference?
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BigKev45  +   1776d ago
silvacrest  +   1776d ago
your typical MMO has a monthly subscription while your average shooter/racer/spots game etc is free to play online on a PS3/WII/PC/PSP

why even make this comparison when the 360 is the only console to charge you for playing online minus MMO's
Corepred4  +   1776d ago
I don't think he understands that if this game were on the 360 it would be $60 for the game, $50 or whatever it is for LIVE AND $15 a month for the subscription.
divideby0  +   1776d ago
^ MMMO fee compared to a Xbox Live fee....
talk about comparing apple to a car..... to obvious where the commentor is coming from
IPUMPMYGUN  +   1776d ago
I think the fee would pretty much cover everything.
Xfanboy  +   1776d ago
Thanx sony!! You support PC more than M$..
maxcer   1776d ago | Trolling | show
LMS  +   1776d ago

thats the NORM for mmo's, dlc on top of a sub when the game is two weeks old would be RETARDED....

ohhh thanks so much for not raping my wallet

The game looks ok...I'll buy it on pc when it is $ like 1 month ;)

it's already $43
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divideby0  +   1776d ago
^ price of the game is not impt... its the monthly fee for those that are cost conscious
LMS  +   1776d ago
Theprice of game is all that matters to me, Most MMO's are not worth playing after the free month is up, even if i play it every day for 2 hours for 2 weeks, thats worth $20 to me, only MMO's I have ever subbed to were WOW and age of conan,I've played every other one, just not for more than 30 days

I've tried

Age of Conan
terra beta
tabula rasa
everquest 1 and 2
champions online
guild wars(all versions, one of the best and no sub:)
fallen earth(terrible but paid $5 for it)
I'm sure theres more, runnning out, they are basically all the same, and very very few are good, DC online from what I hear from my friends falls somewhere in the middle,

a solid, buy very mediocre MMO
Darkfiber  +   1776d ago
I'm guessing whoever wrote this is playing it on PS3 and has never played an MMO in their lives and is shocked that MMOs actually release content you don't directly pay for, most likely because they are used to playing games on 360 where Microsoft forces every company to charge for DLC.
Masterchef2007  +   1776d ago
free monthly content seems like a pretty good idea to me

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