Treasure president: We Have No Plans To Develop For The PSN......At The Moment

1up reports: Treasure is working on Ikaruga XBLA to have worldwide rankings, online co-op play, and the ability to share movies of your best play sessions. Treasure prez confirms that they are working on a Wii title from the "action" team. Ban-Gai-O DS will be playable for the DS and it is an actual sequl and not a remake. Treasure prez mentions that they have no plans to develop for the PSN at the moment due to stretched resources.

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Dannagar3714d ago

I want Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live Arcade.

Feihc Retsam3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

How about some LIFE FORCE...
That was one of the best early co-op enabled side scrolling flight/shooters.

And because it was Konami... Up, Up, Down, Down... You know what I'm sayin'

Aegis Wing is nice because it's free, but it doesn't present a real challenge when playing co-op, even on INSANE difficulty.

solidt123714d ago

It's great that they are making games for other systems but loose the not on PS3 part for now like that is the main story. SOCOM and Warhawk is on PSN, No plans to go on XBOX Live EVER!!!. Thats how this story sounds to me.

sticky doja3714d ago

You miss out on a ton of killer games, that cost between $5-10. Your loss.

Rama262853714d ago

Treasure who? Is this a developer? Never heard of them... can't be that good then!

IQUITN4G3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Radiant Silvergun remains the very best shooter and one definite reason to buy a Saturn.It would be a wonderful day if it ever came to live.Certainly more chance of that than for PS3 anyway.

Are you seriously expecting us to believe you not having heard of Treasure - Treasure are legend as well you know.If however you are being serious about Treasure "not being that good then" , shame on you saddo

It's quite a loss not to have Treasure's support

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