Exclusive: Activision, Codemasters Tangle Over Fall of Liberty

Through in-depth analysis of legal documents, Gamasutra has unearthed a fascinating, now settled secret battle between Activision, Codemasters and Spark Unlimited over Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, the alternative World War II action title which Activision claimed could infringe on the rights to Call Of Duty.

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RadientFlux3737d ago

interesting read and serves as a great example of publisher's greed

hopefully more independent game developers read the fine print when working with publishers, because when I purchase a game I want at least some of money to go the actual people that made the game and not lawyers/executives.

Arutha3737d ago

After reading this I have to wonder how wordy the papers are going to be for the Silicon Knights/Unreal fiasco? A very interesting read though. From what I read it sounded like Activision was way out of line.