What August's Numbers Mean for Hardware takes a long hard look at the NPD hardware sales statistics for August to find out what the console manufacturers should take away from the month; also, how many Wii Remotes do Wii owners have? As though one could ever have too many peripherals.

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Bleem3603901d ago

where's nasim?

Whilst I can appreciate why the industry likes NPD numbers time - I can't imagine there are that many more ways you can write articles about them.

It seems like as soon as the storm is over, the next months figures come out and it all starts again.

WoundedMoon3901d ago

I just thought they ment that XBox outsold the PS3, and both were outsold by the Wii. Did I miss anything there?

Xi3901d ago

thats how it's summed up.

ItsDubC3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Weird, I don't see that in the original article. So a console's standard controller is a peripheral now?

PS360WII3901d ago

Well you know guys once NPD comes out with their report we need to get at least 3 more articles for each system about the figures and how it effects us all....

anyway lets see here what are the games coming out for the rest of Sept? I know there are other games coming out in these few weeks other than Halo 3 right?

joydestroy3900d ago

Sony needs to do something like half a year ago.