Xbox360 still outselling PS3 all over Europe as PSP sales soar

The latest European sales are in and Microsoft's Xbox360 console continues to outsell Sony's PS3 in just about every Europen territory since the price drop 3 weeks ago. Sony's new PSP Slim has also made an impact this week, with total PSP sales doubling from last week. Nintendo's DS and Wii continue to dominate.

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EDF 20173836d ago

I thought the PS3 was outselling the 360 40 to 1 in Europe. LOL 360 PWNS the PS3, REALITY CHECK HOMIE!

Evil0Angel3836d ago

the only place where PS3 outsells 360 is in japan which is way smaller than the NA or EUROPEAN

jcgamer3836d ago

Nasim has probably already convinced back to reality...

hazeblaze3836d ago

While there could be some truth behind this article, neither vgcharts or nextgenwars has been right in the past when it comes to the numbers.

And the PS3 was outselling the 360 in nearly every European territory just as little as a month ago... so this hardly "seals the deal" for the 360's victory. If true, it is good news for Microsoft but we need to see can they keep it up. Europe has pretty much belonged to Sony up until now & I'm skeptical of any major shift in Microsoft's direction.

jcgamer3836d ago

We were just addressing Nasim's obviously obnoxious comments...this is just good news...

rubarb233836d ago

this is too funny. i bet there was like 100 guys all thinking of writing the same thing about nasim. that dude is probably under a rock right now.

nasim3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

These are VGCHARTS numbers.

They are false too

x360 is nowhere in the top charts of any UK retailer

ps3 is at no 2 ...x360 is nowhere to be found . HMV is the biggest retailer of UK and x360 is non existent on their website

ps3 is at no 12...x360 is at no 600
x360 is non existent


VGCHARTS inflated x360's MAY SALES by 50 000 units (NA)

VGCHARTS downgraded ps3's MAY SALES by 12000 units (NA)

HMV is bigger than all of those shops combined.
Toysrus ,argos and woolsworth are very small stores.

HMV accounts for 40% sales of VIDEO GAMES in UK

ALTHOUGH both french and UK charts are wrong
PS3 outsells x360 in other regions of EU

***************************** *************

NOTE:- ps3 in reality also outsells x360 in UK and FRANCE
in AMAZON france ps3 is at no 120

x360 at no 1196
***************************** ********************

ps3 outsells x360 everywhere except NA

even at VGCHARTS ps3 outsells x360 in 50% eu territories


From the charts:
- PS3 - 2,248
- 360 - 1,732
- PS3 - 3,150
- 360 - 3,026
Other Europe
- PS3 - 3,254
- 360 - 3,004
- PS3 - 4,651
- 360 - 2,819

Evil0Angel3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

vchart was ALWAYS UR source to show how much PS3 WAS outseeling 360 in july afteer the price cut and when the NPD number relased u got dunbunked.

HMV is one of the worse places to buy video games.

toysRus of the biggest)

each one of these shops is way more popular than HMV in uk

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P4KY B3836d ago


Just wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.

rubarb233836d ago

dude i don't even want to think about it. it's going to be a total massacre.

CG3836d ago

Face it Sony is down and out for the rest of this year, lets see if they can make a come back next year.

testerg353836d ago

Comments? Sony needs you!

AdolfBinBush3836d ago

ill talk on behalf of nasim.

No No No, PS3 has won.. PS3 is number one.. no else is having fun.. PS3 is number one.. YAAAAAAY!!

PS360PCROCKS3836d ago

lol I love the reports...ya'll are too funny!

Capt CHAOS3836d ago

Always causes me to pause and re-consider life and it's priorities..

i Shank u3835d ago

damn you must really be addicted to HDTV's then huh :P

PS360PCROCKS3835d ago

Lol I think he meant when it used to be two chicks asses laying on top of each other haha...people are lil bitc*es on this site so I decided to post a pic of my TV with the PS3 and 360 sitting under it