New Final Fantasy IV scans reveal release date

Two scans of Final Fantasy IV from Japanese magazine V-Jump have appeared online, revealing the game's release date: December 20, 2007. The scans also feature new images from the game.
The price for the Nintendo DS remake? 5980 Yen, which is approx. 51.6$ USD.

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jackdoe3743d ago

I want this game. Shame that it probably won't come out in the US until spring 2008.

PS360WII3743d ago

yeah this is going to be great when it comes out ^^

Vojkan3743d ago

Is this a port from some older system?

Keowrath3743d ago

The original was on the Snes all those years ago. It was called final fantasy II in the states.

PS360WII3743d ago

well not really a port. It's a full remake from the ground up. Just same story and characters but using the FFIII engine for it, and yea it was originally on snes then it did get a port to gba but this is an upgrade. Plus one of (personal opinion)the greater FF's ^^ Cecil for the win

Keowrath3743d ago

"Plus one of (personal opinion)the greater FF's ^^ Cecil for the win"

An agree and bubbles from me!

ItsDubC3743d ago

It will also supposedly have portions of the storyline that were taken out of the SNES version for one reason or another. This is a must-buy for me. Can't go wrong w/ 3D Palom & Porom!

FF6 > FF4 > FF7

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Keowrath3743d ago

Ahhh the memories of this game. It was the first JRPG I ever played and got me into the whole genre. I still rate this as one of the best Final Fantasys I played. It's nice to see it with spruced up graphics. Makes me wish I had a DS! =p

ngg123453743d ago

Remember playing this game. I thought this was the worst one out of all the ff games.

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