Major Nelson grounded

Or more specifically, no TGS for him this year. During his check-in yesterday morning at Orlando International Airport to head to Tokyo, he reached for his Passport….and it was not there. After turning his luggage inside and out (always fun at 6am in the middle of a terminal) and a flurry of phone calls to the hotel and local authorities, he deduced that it was indeed gone.

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Meus Renaissance3839d ago

I don't know why he'd be going there anyway. It's pretty much a Sony event this year.

jaja14343838d ago

Normal I agree with you but MS really hasn't said anything about next year, so who knows, maybe they'll show some of the 08 lineup.

SuperSaiyan43838d ago

Sony have nothing to show, Microsoft have soo much, far more exclusives, extras and well gaming.

Soo far Sony has shown nothing revolutionary in the way of gaming, all they keep harping on about is THE CELL! THE CELL!! OMGZ!! LOOK ITS TEH CELL!!!

Oh and how it can help cancer research and its plays blu-ray movies!! look cheap!! too cheap!!!


listen SUPER SOMETHING 4 will see tomorrow or on Thursday if they are not showing anything ... why dont you listen to what 1up and gamespot podcast say about tgs and about sony there ... is sony's country and nintendo is not even going ... so MS ... is not even a show there ..

Caxtus7503838d ago

:( thats a shame. I feel for him. He's a genuinly nice guy. Hope all ends well.

sajj3163838d ago

He should be more careful. I guess like his passport he probably forgot that NFL 2K5 should be on the list of next backward compatible Xbox titles on the 360. Make it happen Major. Not sure if your responsibile for that but you always announce when there is a new update on Live for BC updates.

Boon Tarkas3838d ago

If he hadn't tried to justify Guitar Hero 2 DLC pricing.

jaja14343838d ago

bah 8 bucks for 3 songs, what a rip off.

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The story is too old to be commented.