Are Midnight Launches Any Good?

Next-Gen writes: "The Halo 3 cancellation made me think of midnight launches and whether they're any good. The last one I attended was the Xbox 360 UK launch some time back. I stood for six hours in the cold and rain but it was definitely worth it when I got my new console out the store, tightly wrapped in my arms. I jumped straight into a waiting car and away from all the preying muggers that were no doubt wondering up and down Oxford Street.

Unfortunately I didn't attend the PS3 London launch not many people did, but I wish I bloody had. Sony dished out free Bravia TVs worth $4K a piece to about 230 people, one for each of the lucky gits queuing at Virgin if I remember correctly. I almost wept when I woke up and read the news the next morning".

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Evil0Angel3720d ago

caz usually in lunch day, the shops will be overload by customer who comin to buy 1 product, so if they sell the product at midnight then they will avoid all the husle and in the morning they can avoid the that and everything goes to normal

lockload3720d ago

I always order my games from shopto or gameplay they always turn up the day before the official realease date anyway so ill be playing halo3 at least 14 hours before any midnight launch

N4GayFanturds3720d ago

keep on trying to put every article/BS out there just to TRY to diminish the Halo 3 launch.

Go have fun with your P-niS 3", would you kindly?

perseus3720d ago

..."Fa6boys" mean? Because if it means what I think it means, you broke three of the 5 forum rules written right under the "Add reply" button.

I think you need to lose a few bubbles until you learn how to speak when adults are in the room.

Shake3720d ago

and besides while your on the internet,you dont have to act all mature and stuff....Why???Because its only the INTERNET!

Capt CHAOS3720d ago

is this news or an invitation to discuss something? Perhaps this website should be called

I've never seen so much tosh in a single intro to any article.. are midnight launches any good?


If they aren't any good then just don't go there, for those who want to get their hands on something they can be great fun.

So, please don't disquise a discussion under the title of 'news'.

QUNE3720d ago

I thought the first article wasn't newsworthy what-so-ever. This is the same. Just an opinion article.

PS360PCROCKS3720d ago

what free tv's?! Holy hell I wish I would have lived in London!

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