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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep – Volume Two – revealed

PlayStation Informer: "As in every Kingdom Hearts also Birth by Sleep Final Mix has a secret ending that reveals to become the future of the series." (PS Vita, PSP)

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FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1558d ago
So basically Aqua gets to star in her own game called BBS Volume Two aka Kingdom Hearts 0.5? I regret watching this. lol. I'm guessing its a PSP2 game.
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Blaze929  +   1558d ago
KH3 anytime this generation would be nice...aaaanytime they decide to stop with these handheld spin offs. Just...ya know, stil waiting.
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booni3  +   1558d ago
The only Kingdom Hearts games i have ever played are Kingdom Hearts 1&2. The only other Kingdom Hearts game i will play is KH3. They can come out with another five handheld spin offs and i would still ignore them all, just like chain of memories, just like birth by sleep, just like re:coded, just like 358/2.
Skullomania  +   1558d ago
Birth by Sleep is actually decent compared to the other spin offs in the ds imo.
Lamarthedancer  +   1558d ago
Oh my god can we please stop it with all these Spin offs and Prequels of Kingdom hearts....I am not going to have a clue whats going on in KH3. When they just had Chain of Memories out before KH2 I was even confused in that. I had to look on the internet at what went on in Chain of Memories to grasp the story in KH2 and I'm glad I did, I was able to enjoy the story more
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mcmmaster  +   1558d ago
I frankly think that the Birth By Sleep is the only decent KH game other than 1 & 2, the rest are shit, so a sequel to BBS has me signed up straight away
UP  +   1558d ago
Yea BBS is the Best KH game with the Best Battle system. I hope they use a improved version for KH3 if they ever make it.
sirCHAUNCEY  +   1558d ago
hell yeah! too bad it wasn't KH3 :( DAMN YOU TETSUYA NOMURA!
Omega Zues  +   1558d ago
Oh come on now. Theres more spin off then there are core games. KH3 needs to be coming now. I mean really. Volume two, Kingdom hearts 3DS.

Can we just get KH3 now please?
xVeZx  +   1558d ago
birth by sleep is definitely one of the best handheld kingdom hearts games i cant wait for another one....
Ratchet510  +   1558d ago
i knew 3DS wont have the final KH game to KH3, this is a big part of the story so that is why it is on psp2, dam is KH3 going to be on ps4 since psp2 will be like a ps3, it would make more sense to do that.
PirateThom  +   1558d ago
You know, even if I wanted to get into Kingdom Hearts, it's confusing as all hell now, it's like there's a KH game every few months on either DS or PSP... and I don't know if that's true, just seems like it is.
Skullomania  +   1558d ago
Nomura already said he plans to release a Kingdom Hearts title every year, next year i think they'll be releasing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for 3DS.
Z3R0_2KX  +   1558d ago
well it does make sense to put KH3 on the PS4 cause the PSP2 is just a portable PS3 and if they put KH3 on the PSP2 the whole handheld system will just blow up cause the game well just be to raw for it lol.

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