Gamestop now offers digital downloads for PS3, PSP and Xbox 360

You can now buy digital downloads for PS3 and Xbox directly from the GameStop webpage.

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Cloud-2587d ago

This sounds cool. Are the codes sold in the Gamestop stores or just online?.

McMee2587d ago

LBP2, DSp2, KZ3, and Bulletstorm i can only afford 2 what to do, what to do

Vherostar2586d ago

Amazon have been doing this for a while now for PS3 Games.

Ray1862587d ago

Only if they are going to be as good as Amazon when it comes to prices cheaper than the PS store. Being as it's Gamestop I expect a $3.00 mark up.

30sec2587d ago

Amazon gets all (well, most) of my gaming dollars.

Pedobear Rocks2587d ago

Make sure to buy the warranty for your game too.

SpitFireAce852587d ago

Yeah Gamestop sure does like to mark up
everything that you can get for a lot less
on + amazon gives better trade in
credit on any game then Lamestop..

Mr Tretton2587d ago

Fuck Shitstop. Just buy your downloads from the original source, instead giving it to Shitstop.

I've seen these fuckers mark used games as NEW, jack up the price and sell them that way.

GrandTheftZamboni2587d ago

Yeah, what's with that? Couple of weeks ago at EB Games in Toronto I bought 4,5 games, brought the empty cases from the shelves and the guy at the counter put discs from the drawer and started packaging them in that clear foil thing. He said they were the last ones. All 4-5 of them?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2587d ago

they've been doing this for a while actually. A really good thing too. You can't preorder games on psn yet but you can go straight in and buy it. They'll give you a receipt with a download code and you don't end up wasting 20 bucks on a psn card for a game that only costs 8 bucks.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2587d ago

To my knowledge they dont exist. been to a lot of gamestops, Best Buy's, even Wal Greens has the 20 and 50 dollar ones but no one has a 10 dollar one.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2586d ago

Yet every time i go there I'm told they don't exist.

SilverSlug2587d ago


They also have discounted PSN content. Last time I saw Fat Princess for $7.50 (PS3 ver)

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