Tom Clancy's GRAW 2: Pro-G Review scores 9/10

Pro-G have seen some pretty good looking games arrive on the PS3 over the past six months and GRAW 2 is up with the best of them. No other game recreates the feeling of being in a war-torn environment as well as GRAW 2, be it the smoke that blows across the ground, the atmospheric lighting effects from fire and explosions, the pounding audio work, the incredible musical score that fits every moment perfectly or the incredible detail that has gone into each and every location.

You know a game's got that something special about it when you can't stop playing, and GRAW 2 has nailed it. The pacing is brilliant, the set-pieces are unbelievable and the sense of drama towards the climax is unrivalled.

GRAW 2 is unquestionably a huge success. A short campaign aside, it does everything GRAW fans would want from a sequel and once again confirms Ubisoft as one of the leading next-gen publishers. It also proves that Xbox 360 to PS3 ports needn't be sloppy.

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Cartesian3D3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Really good job..

I played PC version ( because I like FPS mouse and Keyboard more ) and I thought PC version is the best one..

but when I saw GRAW 2 PS3 version on my Friends house,I changed my opinion... PS3 version is definitly perfect for GRAW fans.. third person view is really amazing..

and thx to it's dev for frame rates.. it runs awesome..

its a MUST BUY for every PS3 owner who wants to be A ADVANCED WARFIGHTER

nasim3870d ago

all ps3 gamers should get this

achira3870d ago

nave the game in front of me now, will try it in some minutes. cant wait!!