Mr Lair says: "Warhawk's controls are... eurgh!"

As well as discussing the chances of a new Rogue Squadron game when Games Radar sat down with Factor 5's president Julian Eggebrecht recently, they also chewed over the pros and cons of motion-control. To Games Radar's surprise, the Lair dev was happy to say that he thought Warhawk's implementation of pad-tilting magic left a little to be desired.

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ShiftyLookingCow3870d ago

So is it Eggebrecht who says "I see motion-sensing as a complimentary, additional new step in terms of controls and where it fits you should use it and where it doesn't fit, don't force it. Please don't force it."?

sticky doja3870d ago

just say don't force motion controlls? Is that not a little ironic? Maybe hypocritical would be the right word.

frizshizzle3870d ago

Don't force it? If he said that he's gone too far.

uxo223870d ago

This guy must be on crack. The biggest complaint that reviewer had about his title was the controls. At least the makers of Warhawk had enough sense to make motion tilt optional vs proprietary.

+1 to Warhawk

sajj3163870d ago

Just stop ... Concentrate on Lair 2 and maybe a new Rogue Squadron game. The reality is that motion sensing only worked in certain situations in Lair. I believe that this technology was overused to a point where I felt it was being forced on me. I still love the game and mastered the controls. Since I don't think (along with the general population) you hit the nail on the head with motion controls in Lair, you are not qualified to comment on the motion controls of other games. Keep it real Julian, keep it real.

Bleyd3870d ago

having played Warhawk trying to use the motion controls, I can't play that way. They don't work the way that I want them to work when hovering with the Warhawk. When I'm hovering in the Warhawk I want my motion with the controller to control the actual tilt of the jet or rather the site for the guns. I don't want it to control my forward and side to side movement. Then on top of that the motion controls, once activated, also control all of the vehicles regardless of whether you want it to or not. I have the motion controls turned off when I play Warhawk because I play better without them.

Ju3870d ago

Julian deserves a KISS ... keep it simple stupid.

Both, Warhawk and Lair, are overdoing the motion controls. I agree with the above, using the tilt to just do that could work in Warhawk, but its not implemented that way. And - individual motion options for each vehicle group!

OTHO in Lair, the flight control is the best I have played with, but yet again, they force it upon the player in some situations (push left/right, e.g.) where a simple button press would have been more effective.

I hope the devs are not all defensive but take this criticism serious and fix it a in their next titles (or even better, patch the current ones).

Douchebaggery3870d ago

should go hide somewhere for a couple of month

Kleptic3870d ago

the point was always that lair forced it, and Warhawk allowed you to chose which to use...

the motion controls in Warhawk are a little harder to use, because you have to fly the plane with the sixaxis, and aim a reticle seperately with an analog stick...once you get the hang of it though, you nearly become untouchable in the sky (you can lock on targets without pointing and flying right at them...which becomes a huge advantage...)...

I have played both...beat Lair over the weekend...I thought the controls were fine...a little frustrating at times...but definitely different...and imo saved the game from being even more boring....which was my biggest complaint about the game...horrid level design...dumb objectives...random cutscene triggering...and awful voice acting...but still worth playing...the sound (score not voice overs) and visuals are worth the rental...

Witty Comment3870d ago

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Pot. Mr. Pot, likewise, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Kettle.

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