PS3 Secrets Exposed: In-Game Custom Song Player from HDD & In-Game Friend Messsaging

MaxConsole Forum member We! has confirmed that it is possible for the PS3 to play songs from the hard drive while a game is in play

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akaFullMetal3626d ago

awesome finally, but why would it be in spanish???

PlayStation3603626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

"Moreover the options were actually from there on in Spanish (his firmware language) which indicates that the player is integrated into the firmware and not options of the game as it is Japanese."

The dude was Spanish. He set his PS3 to Spanish.

sfinXters3626d ago

I hope they enable this soon. Some games just can't be played with their own music.

Funky Town_TX3626d ago

do this already. WTF Sony. You gotta get this going soon.

DEADEND3626d ago

I think they will implement this in the 2.0 update for the in game XMB(custom soundtrack for games).

mesh13626d ago

i like hearing game fs while playing it immerrses me ina game its a nex gen game snot ps1 games having music in all story based or even fps music while playin ggames destroys gaming experience