Dark Messiah 360 slips again

Ubisoft has confirmed that Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements has been pushed back into early 2008.

The first-person fantasy action game is now due in the fourth quarter of the publisher's financial year, which means it will be released sometime between January and the end of March.

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Saint Sony3903d ago

Well, does not matter. Too many games to play anyhow.

DEADEND3903d ago

Is this an exclusive or multi-platform game? Just asking people.

ud3903d ago

zomg delaybox 360!!!!!1 j/k

colony3903d ago

does annyone care? i played dark messiah on pc and the game is really boring... cant imagine annyone bying this for a console... but then again... i wuldnt be suprised

Hayabusa 1173903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

This was already confirmed as "sliping" to early 2008, so I don't know why it's saying that it's sliped again.

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