Project Gotham Racing 4: Eurogamer First Impressions

PGR4 is so big that the Arcade mode alone has more events in it than the whole of PGR3. "It's a monster!" bellows Gareth Wilson, design manager. "What have we done!" What they have done is split the game into a hardcore medal-hunt and a gentler, more varied procession of races. And it's very good.

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Yeah its definately a Monster. A Monster pile of sh!t.

CG3597d ago

Listen to the angry retard screaming for attention LOL

gta_cb3597d ago

for some reason you havnt been talking much lately although you have been logging in, so maybe you should try to make a decent comment once in a while. rather then making the sh!t comments like you are now.

RadientFlux3597d ago

with an awsome soundtrack this game is looking to be the racing game to beat this holiday season

PS360PCROCKS3597d ago

I'm excited for this and I haven't even got half way through I am so bad with racing games...

BloodySinner3597d ago

We should race sometime on Xbox Live.

PS360PCROCKS3597d ago

Let's do it... GT: willi b pimpin...I need to get a new xbox live subscription card this week though...

Arkham3597d ago

Looking great! And those bikes are *sick*. (And, on wet pavement, slick.)

jcgamer3597d ago

It's looking like the best ARCADE racer this year, not SIM...we ALL know who that belongs to...

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