ELSPA Weekly Chart - Playstation 3

Heavenly Sword enters the chart straight at number one, with Colin McRAE: DIRT in second...

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DEADEND3866d ago

Why isn't WARHAWK on that list?

PlayStation3603866d ago

It could be that this is only for Disc sales (warhawk was probably downloaded more.) But I wouldn't think Warhawk was downloaded enough to keep it off the top 30 list. Would it? :/

Alvadr3866d ago

I would imagine this is just disc sales. Warhawk has yet to be released retail in Europe. Its out this Friday.

sonarus3866d ago

warhawk is jst arriving in europe this week.

SIX3866d ago

Be prepared to lose many hours of sleep. My head hurts this morning from playing too much Warhawk. Get some of your buddys together and lots of beer and pizza.

goodganja3866d ago

Warhawk is the best online game existing today. Expect this game to generate more man hours and users than Halo 3 over an extended period of time.