Prisoners Are Hacking Playstations With Stolen Computer Mice For Charging Cellphones

Gizmodo: Prisoners are finding much better uses for their IT classes' computer mice, plugging them into Playstations by USB, and rewiring the ends to power up their cellphones.

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in reality this is a old procedure and VERY old news, which also includes using the 360 and portable music systems.....NOT JUST PS3


Christopher2709d ago


How the heck is this hacking? And, they could use this method on any computer with USB ports.

P1NKY2709d ago

How is this "Hacking" the PS3? All they're doing is plugging a USB mouse into one of the USB sockets to charge their phones.

Darkfiber2709d ago

Wait, prisoners get cell phones and PS3s? What the fuck?

Burning_Finger2709d ago

Yeah, They have better lifestyle than you. So gear up and sign up for prison.

Solidestchimp2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

True only down side is the odd chance of man rape in the showers but a free ps3!!!!! may be worth the risk hmmmmm -_-

DarkFantasy2709d ago

"True only down side is the odd chance of man rape in the showers" LOL God bless america

Sean Ryno2709d ago

Man, you beat me to it. Exactly what I was gonna say. +1 agree, +1 bubble.

mushroomwig2709d ago

Prison is a cosy place for people these days, some have consoles and Sky TV in their cell.

Personally I would let those fuckers rot in a hole, but that's me.

conswella2709d ago

why, they were just some kids that smoked some pot.

Stevo912709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

They dont just get given cell phones... they obviously get them smuggled in. they will run out sometime so all they are doing is charging them.

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jpod2709d ago

Apparantly, whoever submitted this story can't read.

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The story is too old to be commented.