PSU Gives Heavenly Sword a 9/10 "Masterpiece"

The environments, cast, characters, storyline, and virtually everything in Heavenly Sword is astonishing. While there are some minor negatives, players should be prepared to experience a spiritual disclosure with Ninja Theory's latest masterpiece.

* + Unforgettable atmosphere combined with ample replay value.
* + Beautifully detailed with everything in harmony from animation all the way to the audio system.
* + Great combat system complimented by impressive A.I

* - Enemy models can sometimes get repetitive

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nasim3738d ago

change the score to 9.5

I am so happy . 2 back to back AAAs for PS3 .


PS3 now has 6 brilliant games --RESISTANCE,MOTORSTORM, WOWHAWK,NGS ,Heavenly Sword and VF5

great time to own a ps3!!!

ON the other hand trash box 360 owners like ISAY,KNIGHT,MART and TOUGHNAME would remain satisfied with GARBAGE CARTOON GAMES like HALO3 and MAss effect

blusoops3739d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I thought the AI was very impressive, particularly when playing as Kai and you are shooting arrows...the bad guys practically dive out of the way in order not to get hit and react differently according to where you hit them!
For Example: You shoot someone in the face...instant death. You shoot someone in the leg, and they'll still be alive and alert others that "I'm hit". Impressive!

SuperSaiyan43738d ago

Shame the game flopped, how many did it sell? 1000 copies at best?

KratosKilla3738d ago

Maybe it would sell more than halo 3 if they made a Nariko Soft drink and a Kai funny Bow Happy time. Maybe we could also put more ads out than they do for the super bowl. It will sell over a million.

mighty_douche3738d ago

couldnt put it better myself!

bubble coming your way!

Blasphemy3738d ago

I have to say the game is amazing one of the best games I have ever played. I think IGN was just hatiing on PS3 with their review.

rusgreim3738d ago

OXM gives Halo 3 a 10/10!

Of COURSE PSU is going to give a high score.

Shock! Surprise! Astonishment!

Kyur4ThePain3738d ago

OXM will not give H3 a 10.
But, back to the topic (at least I HAVE the game, so I can comment on it, unlike some other people)...HS deserves much more credit than it has been getting. This game is a stellar example of production values. The acting is probably the best I've ever seen in a game, not to mention the motion capture for the cut scenes...the facial animation is incredible.
The game play is smooth, intuitive and fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.