Myth of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Summarized

The Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere had some interesting visuals and information other than the feasted trailers of VersusXIII and XIII Type-0. Square-Enix delighted the audience with a terse review of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology that I believe was introduced in text document on the Japanese FFXIII website.

For those of you who are interested in the mythology behind the Fabula Nova Crystallis: here's a quick translation of the curtail summary found off of the famitsu website. I think the summary sheds a lot of insight into the VersusXIII trailer and the character's interest with the painting of the goddess Muin and of course the subterranean intricacies of plot in Final Fantasy XIII. If you can't read Japanese, read the translation below. :)

-The world is governed by the god Buniberuze.
-He defeated the mother goddess, Muin, and therefore, the world fell into his hands.
-With Muin's defeat, she became unable to see the world and created the invisible world. Consequently, Buniberuze became anguished due to her actions.

-Because the world is finite, a horrible destiny exists. Buniberuze believed this curse was caused by Muin and therefore, thought it fit to defeat Muin to lift the curse.
-In order to reach Muin in the invisible world, Buniberuze created Fal'cie, the first being Pulse to search for the entrance into the invisible world.
Pulse's mission was to cut the earth and find the door.
Buniberuze then created the Fal'cie Etro. Buniberuze made the mistake by making Etro look familiar to Muin. Fearing its form, Buniberuze did not grant Etro any powers.

-Instead, it created the Fal'cie, Linse. Linse's mission was to solely protect Buniberuze and to enter crystal stasis when the right time presented itself [but this is not explained fully].

-Pulse decided to create its own Fal'cie and L'cie in order to conquer the world.
-Linse on the other hand, decided to create its own share of Fal'cie and L'cie in order to protect the land.

Etro however, was unable to do anything. Lonely, Etro wounded himself and sank into his own blood and then soon disappeared.
From the flowing blood of Etro, man was born. Man's destiny was to be born then eventually die.

-The world was based on the balance of the world of visibility and invisibility. If that balance was broken, the world would collapse.

-Buniberuze did not stop the fate of Muin, thus, she was engulfed into the chaos of the invisible world. When Etro came to rescue Muin, she simple told Etro to keep the balance of the world before falling into the invisible world.

-Etro was foolish and did not comprehend the words of Muin.

-The lonely Etro became intimate with the specimen known as man, and gifted man with a smile and chaos.

Man named the gift granted to them by Etro as "Heart/Emotion." The Heart or Emotion was to become a power, but the humans did not know of this yet.

-Eventually, Pulse became the omnipotent ruler, Linse the guardian, and Etro the God of Death.
Thus, people began to live in the invisible world of the heart and the people who face the chaos can barely maintain the balance of the world.

As a conclusion, Buniberuze will remain in a crystallized sleep until the end of eternity.

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rockleex2559d ago

So this back-story applies to ALL the FF13's?

13, Versus, Agito, and 13-2.

Brewski0072558d ago

I think so, i think there's going to be elements of this back-story in one way or another in all the ffxiii's . As with previous games, the history of the world that its set in usually becomes linked with the plot in some way or another.

TANUKI2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Didn't SE say Agito is now separate from the 13 universe? Hence, the name change to Type-0?

Edit: Wow, whoever disagreed is a total D-bag. At least, think about what I said, before blindly disagreeing.

Here's PROOF:

rockleex2558d ago

No wonder why they changed the name.

HeavenlySnipes2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

People talk about MGS...

This shit is insane. All I got from FFXIII was that people would turn to crystal if they didn't complete their task as a l'cie and that Lightning and pals were off to change their destiny and (possibly) save Lightning's sister. I got to Gran Pulse and stopped playing the game so I don't know how it ends. I'll probably watch the cutscenes somewhere because playing the game is not even an option. WAYYY to boring to continue.

catguykyou2558d ago

So you got to the part of the game, that most people actually liked and stopped playing?

FinalSpartan2558d ago

FF13 was trash and dissapointment, whats all this confusion with the story?! whats going on?! How many games based on 13 lol

FF 13
FF 13-2

HeavenlySnipes2558d ago

there to see what all the fuss was about then I saw that Pulse was just one big circle. I tried exploring ut all the enemies were WAYYY stronger than you are so they expected me to grind. Fuck that shit, the battle system in the game is fucking boring for me. I LOVED that in FFXII everything was realtime. I hated waiting to go to the battle area, having a 5-7 min battle (because you literally HAVE to get the combat multiplier all the way just to freakin DAMAGE the enemies) then skip through number of stars and items got. I AM NOT GRINDING WITH THE WORST COMBAT SYSTEM EVER.

Blacklash932558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

That myth... contradicts FFXIII's lore in so many ways.

The gods are fal'cie? Why would the fal'cie revere them then if they're equals?
There were l'cie before humans? That makes no sense.
How is Etro "the maker" now? She only made humanity.
How is Muin Etro's mother when she was only made by her son in the image of her?

Did they even think this backstory through? *facepalm*

Drac2558d ago

True, or could be issues with translation, never know with this stuff.

Arknight2558d ago

I really hope these are just translation issues, because that stuff hardly even makes logical sense.

ZGRDaniel2558d ago

Man, that's confusing. I'm gonna have to read it like 10 times to get it all.

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